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14 folks. Misplaced 338 kilos. They modified their our bodies and their lives. (And also you too.)

Every six months we celebrate the people who have had the most incredible body transformations Precision nutrition coaching.

You have spent 12 months with a personal nutrition trainer, completely changing how you eat, move, look and feel.

They have lost weight, gained strength, strengthened their health and inspired their friends and families.

No extreme diets or crazy workout routines. No strict meal plans or prohibited foods. No withdrawal. No fault. No unbreakable rules.

Just a commitment to the program – with results that prove it.

The transformations we celebrate today are more overwhelming than ever. As you will see in the photos below, these 14 men and women have lost £ 338 together, losing pants sizes, food frustrations, and self-doubt.

But this year, too, the stories of these customers who started their PN travels in July 2019 feel a little different.

First, they are the first coaching group to complete our program during a world-shattering global pandemic. For this fact alone, their determination deserves serious respect.

They also differ because PN also changes.

Yes, we are still showing our customers' impressive physical changes. (They earn it.)

But we also want to highlight the mental and emotional changes they have experienced. Because they are just as powerful, worthy and amazing.

In fact, customers often tell us that these internal changes have the deepest and most significant impact on their entire lives.

So click on the links below to review these transformations of entire life. And get ready to feel seriously inspired.

58 The 58-year-old CEO with poor health and bad knees loses 35 pounds – and finally climbs a mountain with his wife.

⟶ The life-changing finding that helped a 44-year-old woman stop struggling with her weight and lose 29 pounds.

⟶ This man learned that he had a six-pack and could also eat his cake.

38 This 38-year-old woman banished heartburn, cellulite and aching joints in three simple words: Just show up.

⟶ 30 pounds lost in 100 days: How the pandemic helped this man gain the control he needed to transform his body.

⟶ This 42-year-old mother lost £ 17 and signed up for a Spartan race.

⟶ 71 pounds away: This couple lost weight and found fitness together.

⟶ With 4 children and a shop, Stephanie no longer had an extension: So she lost 21 pounds anyway.

⟶ From “Mac & Cheese” on his pizza to the selection of fresh pineapple as a treat: How Owen changed his eating and living habits

⟶ How Damian put on 14 pounds of muscle.

⟶ For the first time in years, this woman weighed under 200 pounds: what happened next shocked her (in a great way).

⟶ A breakup, a move, and COVID-19: It may have been the worst year in this man's life, but he still broke his fitness goals.

This 68-year-old woman mastered the Turkish getup and lost £ 42. If she can't inspire you …


The 58-year-old CEO with poor health and bad knees loses 35 pounds – and eventually climbs a mountain with his wife.

Just before Jeff joined Precision Nutrition Coaching, he and his wife went on vacation to Banff, Alberta.

As she made her way to Sulfur Mountain (8,041 feet) Jeff stayed behind – as he usually did on her adventures.

She had always loved nature. But he? Not as much. But more importantly: it was in climbing form; It wasn't Jeff.

They were used to this arrangement and it worked for them. At least that's what he thought.

"After her hike, my wife said," You know, it would be nice if we could do it together, "Jeff recalls." It hurt. "

At 58, Jeff weighed 250 pounds. He struggled with chronic health problems, including Graves' disease – which leads to an overactive thyroid – and sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that can affect the lungs.

He had also received a double knee replacement after surviving two explosions when stationed overseas years earlier. When he fell to the floor to play with his dog, it was difficult to get up again.

So climb a mountain? Not on top of Jeff's to-do list.

Then it got worse: During a routine checkup, his doctor told him that he was only one appointment away from diagnosing diabetes.

"You're on death row," thought Jeff. "You need to make some changes."

At that point Jeff was registering for Precision Nutrition Coaching. It was a way to regain control. It was hope.

As CEO of a consulting company, Jeff was on the road a lot. Out of necessity, he ate fast food twice a day. He couldn't help but be skeptical: could someone so busy follow the PNC program?

"I wrote a message to my trainer and said," Look, I'm on the go all the time. I am in meetings. I have to go to banquets. I have to eat in restaurants. "

Jeff's trainer, Jonathan Popelistened. Then he asked a follow-up question that changed everything: "So you can't pack things that you can take with you?"

Jeff laughs: “The light bulbs came on. Pack things? It was a lot of work, but I could do it. "

On business trips Jeff took huge sacks of vegetables wherever he went and stopped in grocery stores for pre-cooked chicken and fresh fruit. He kept everything in the tiny hotel fridge. Now he always had a healthy meal on hand.

Jeff prioritized take time for nutrition and fitness. He started walking his dogs every day – finally he reached a 5 km lap – and also started cycling. He bought a squat rack, weights and resistance bands, and when winter came he invested in a set of snowshoes.

All of this happened last year. And his body changed completely. Jeff is now 35 pounds lighter and much stronger. His doctor recently reduced his thyroid medication.

"I feel like I'm 30," says Jeff.

The 2020 pandemic disrupted Jeff's plans to climb Sulfur Mountain. Instead, he and his wife tackled a smaller mountain in Saskatchewan.

A general topic we heard from Precision Nutrition Coaching customers this year: "Without this program, I might not be here today."

"It meant everything to me, but it meant the world to her. It actually brought tears to her eyes, ”says Jeff … with tears in his eyes.

The life-changing insight that helped a 44-year-old woman stop struggling with her weight and lose 29 pounds.

It's a too familiar scenario: when Sneha was a teenager, family members began to comment that she was "plump".

Sneha wanted to lose weight for years. But she tried to put her needs ahead of others. "

From then until adulthood, she went through frustrating cycles of losing weight and gaining weight.

It was a long journey. Sneha first registered for Precision Nutrition Coaching five years ago. She was making progress, but she was not achieving the body transformation she was striving for.

Still, she kept coming back. And this year she had the breakthrough she was looking for.

It turned out that Sneha's efforts to lose weight were linked to her deep commitment to her family.

Namely, it was hard to find time to … exercise, sleep properly, prepare meals, relieve stress and relax … because she had to take care of others.

Everyone else always came first – another all too familiar scenario.

Her PN coach suggested: "How about drawing boundaries?"

That made Sneha angry.

I thought: 'I grew up in an Indian family. How can I draw boundaries? That would mean the end of relationships! "

But when she thought, Sneha realized that being everything for everyone was not a core value. It was conditioning from her upbringing.

I had to ask, 'Why do I believe that? Where does it come from? “Sneha remembers. "It really opened a Pandora's box."

She used journaling to find out her true beliefs and identity.

“Now I realize that drawing borders only changes the nature of the relationships. It doesn't have to end it, ”she says.

Sneha no longer feels like a victim. "I no longer allow other people to walk over me."

She also discovered that her trip was not about getting a specific body at all. “My primary goal was to change my relationship with myself and my relationship with food. It took me so long to understand that, ”says Sneha.

But through this process, she lost 29 pounds – the lightest in years.

Funny how that works.

Sneha's "After PN" photo shoot celebrates the body transformation and self-confidence she has gained through the program.

“An onion contains many layers. I think mine was bigger and had many, many more layers to get through, ”she says.

This man learned that he had a six-pack and could also eat his cake.

A few years ago, the mother of Mickler's son invited him for brunch. But…

"Before I could even answer, my son said:" Oh, he will never come because he does not have breakfast. "

It stung.

The 29-year-old Mickler had switched extremely restrictive diets on and off for years. One of them, fasting at times, meant that he was "Team No Breakfast" – and apparently he had rejected his son a few times too many times.

“In retrospect, my son only tried to connect with me through eating. At the time, I was proud of how disciplined I was. "

Mickler is part of a large, mixed family in which much of life focuses on partying, togetherness and eating.

“Once on my birthday, they got me my favorite cake, a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake,” Mickler recalls. "I wouldn't eat it because I was in keto."

Mickler often had the tattered body he wanted – but just as often he didn't.

"Summer was coming and it was time to be restrictive," he says. "Then winter would come and I could relax. Then summer came again and I had to restrict myself again. "

The cycle went on and on.

Mickler went back and forth on restrictive diets for years.

"Finally, I realized that I couldn't keep walking up and down like this," says Mickler. "I had to find a way to be stable and I realized that my understanding of food had a hole."

Mickler found Precision Nutrition Coaching on a Facebook ad and signed up at the first opportunity.

"Having a habit-based program and a trainer changed me," said Mickler.

With habits designed to work under all circumstances, Mickler's family life immediately became easier. "I would eat something at a party and they would say," Hey, aren't you on a diet? "Mickler recalls with a laugh." I thought, "Yes, I'm on a diet where you can eat whatever you want!"

Mickler's coach, Jonathan Popewas a source of reassurance from the sometimes difficult transitions. Early on, he gently advised Mickler to have breakfast so that he could Prepare yourself for his hunger signals.

Mickler tried and found that it was much more effective and practical to be aware of how he felt while eating than to "diet".

"It was a central point on my trip," says Mickler.

“I could have the body I want, but still be there for my family. I could have a better relationship with the food and the people around me. I could be free. "

Micker now feels "free" from the eating rules. He is also a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach.

Now, 26 pounds and the coveted six-pack later, Mickler no longer has to choose between the body he wants and the bond with his family over a brunch or birthday cake.

"My biggest gain from the year is my awareness," he says. "I can make food decisions that are sometimes not the best and just learn from them so that they raise my awareness."

As for the future: Mickler is now a nutrition trainer and is currently working through the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification Master Class. "Since I was a customer myself, it helps me to manage my own customers."

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This 38-year-old woman banished heartburn, cellulite and aching joints in three simple words: Just show up.

Not so long ago, Kate was voluntarily a "bad girl". At least that's what she liked to do.

"I was unhappy deep down."

Kate was only 20 years old, had heartburn and often felt sick after eating. And she had lost her mobility – she couldn't touch her toes.

"I drank too much, smoked too much, and had a truck driver's eating habits," says Kate.

She knew that she needed a change. Then there was a surprising shift.

"I finally gave in to that tiny voice that had always dreamed of becoming a dancer."

Someone told Kate that 80 percent of life appeared, so she did when she got to her very first ballet class at the age of 32.

"I was absolutely terrible. I didn't know what was going on, I couldn't balance. I actually fell on my butt in a later class, ”Kate laughs. "Stretching was painful for a year."

Kate in the ballet studio before starting a year of Precision Nutrition Coaching.

But she kept popping up and falling in love with the dance.

Still, Kate didn't feel like she'd made all the changes she needed. She wanted a "ballet body" – but in a healthy way.

So she signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching. "I wanted the label in my jersey to say" small ".

Just like the ballet, Kate kept popping up.

“When the pandemic hit seven months later, I stayed calm. I had all these experiences that made me feel better, and I knew I just had to stick to PN habits. Old Kate would have eaten a lot … a lot to take away, "she says with a smile and a shake of the head.

It helped to get in touch with her coach Pam Ruhland and other customers. "During the ban, sometimes you just have to see people who are not in your house and talk to them about how difficult it is to get out of your PJs."

At 38, Kate's transformation changed life.

"My heartburn is gone, my cellulite is gone, I don't feel sick, my joints don't hurt. I'm more relaxed and organized. I'm definitely a lot stronger," says Kate.

And something completely unexpected happened: “If my ballet teacher demonstrates a combination now, I can actually remember it. My focus is better. It is a relief. "

Kate has dropped 7 pounds for 12 months, but barely remembers her desire for the jersey. "I stopped taking care of the label and started taking care of myself," she says.

To mark her transformation and her transition to lace slippers, Kate hired her husband for a photo shoot.

"In the first five years of this trip, I never posted pictures of myself dancing," says Kate. "I was too embarrassed. I was not good enough, thin enough, flexible enough or strong enough. "

Now she shares her photos with the whole world.

Kate celebrated her new life and transition to Pointe with a photo shoot in her apartment building in Toronto.

"I know this is the end of the program, but it feels like a start."

Lost 30 pounds in 100 days: how the pandemic helped this man gain the control he needed to transform his body.

The day the COVID-19 lock arrived in Phoenix, Arizona in March, Will Spencer moved into a new apartment with a single piece of furniture: a bed.

Will had just returned to the United States, a city where he had no friends or possessions after a three-year trip around the world and a devastating failed relationship. Due to the stressful months of separation, he had managed to get to the gym fairly consistently, but he didn't watch what he was eating.

Now, more than half of the Precision Nutrition Coaching, Will had actually gained weight, from 202 to 212 pounds.

"My world melted," says Will.

Since he can remember, Will has been drawn to transformative experiences, an interest that distinguishes him from his family. For the past 20 years, he has given priority to inner transformation through meditation, travel, and occasionally the psychoactive Ayahuasca tea.

Eventually Will realized he had one final limit: his body.

"My body was the only thing I couldn't transform," he says.

“You have to have the right environment. I was in my mid-thirties and had never known a single healthy person in my life. When I went back to the US and had my own room and lock, I thought, okay, that's the moment. "

PN's lessons and habits provided Will with a framework he could stick to. “Everything in my life was completely out of control, but I was able to control my activity and my food. It's the only thing I had to hold on to. "

With the support of his trainer Jonathan Pope, Will lost 30 pounds on the program in his last 100 days.

Given the strains Will dealt with earlier this year, he finds it remarkable where he ended up.

Will's body was the only thing he didn't seem to transform. Now he's done it.

"Things could very easily have been different," he says. "But I know that's who I am now, it's part of my DNA."

This 42-year-old mother went from low nutrition awareness to 17 pound weight loss and signed up for a Spartan race.

When Jenny's husband Martin joined Precision Nutrition Coaching two years ago, she thought it was his thing.

"I have to confess when he was doing PN, I didn't really care," says Jenny. "I supported him, but I didn't try any of the habits."

Jenny grew up in Colombia and didn't have much awareness of nutrition. “It was more important for me to take care of my parents and sisters, go to university and pay the bills. I didn't consider it important to take care of myself. "

But after her husband's experience with PN, Jenny had a change of heart. "I said," Well, why not? "I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to do something for myself and see what happens."

Jenny, 42, had little hope for the program. She wanted a smaller belly, but she didn't think about big changes.

Early lessons changed Jenny's thinking: Maybe it was important to take care of yourself and your body. When she started to adapt more to her habits, something amazing happened: Jenny's 5-year-old daughter Sophie took part in the home training sessions.

"She would start jumping and doing squats and pushups," Jenny recalls. "That motivated me even more."

Likewise, researching new foods and meals has become a family activity. The food Jenny is doing now means a little more.

"This food has value because I know that it helps my body and makes me feel better and not worse. I feel like I am bringing my family together with food. Now I can speak the same language as my husband."

It's a language that has helped Jenny lose £ 17 and feel good about the habits she teaches her daughter – and for which she demonstrates.

One of Jenny's proudest moments? Her husband asked her to join him in an upcoming Spartan race. (You can probably guess her answer.)

Jenny's outlook on nutrition and fitness has been completely revised. Even better? Your daughter has picked up on the habits.

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71 pounds away: This couple lost weight and found fitness together.

Doug and Sandrine are a couple who did PN coaching in tandem.

It may be fitting that they first met each other in 2007 as a bicycle guide.

"I was fitter at this time in my life," says Doug. "But I never thought about food or nutrition. I just went outside eight hours a day and cycled. I only had a lot of energy, but I didn't eat very well. "

Over time, her lifestyle changed. And Doug noticed that his eating habits caught up with him.

"My life has changed and I have not changed. My food has remained poor and my movement has decreased significantly. And I have increased over time."

It wasn't just the creeping number on the scale that made Doug think about a change. In 2018, he was diagnosed with deep venous thrombosis, a potentially life-threatening blood clot.

"I had to take blood thinners for three months after this blood clot," says Doug. "I decided that I had to change. So I talked to my sister (a former PN customer) and dealt with PN."

Doug and Sandrine on a trip to Iceland, Pre-Precision Nutrition.

When Doug logged on, Sandrine joined him. "(I thought) it's easy if we both do it together because we can support and encourage each other," she says. "I will know what he is going through and will be able to help."

As different as their reasons for joining Precision Nutrition were, so were their approaches to the program.

Doug's approach: "Specific, precise process," says Sandrine. "He'll do his warm-up just like he does himself. And he won't deviate from it."

Doug was also very involved with his trainer, Scott Quickand the other customers who check in frequently and even post videos of training sessions to make sure his practice form was correct.

Sandrine, on the other hand, preferred a lighter touch with the group and found that she wanted to mess things up. "Three months ago I said," Oh, I'm tired of this warm up routine, I'll do what I want. "And I could do yoga. I could dance. I could do anything I feel right now."

Where their approaches overlap: Keep it simple and do it together.

“In a way, our workouts became an afternoon ritual. We do it at the same time, almost 99% of the time, ”says Doug.

Although their goals and approaches differed, both Doug and Sandrine emerged from the program with profound and lasting changes.

Doug lost 55 pounds. “Doing everything outdoors is now more fun. Life is simply better mentally and physically. "

Sandrine lost 16 pounds, but notes that she now sees health itself as a resource. "It will be beneficial in any situation where you encounter disease or illness or grow old, all of these things."

Your advice for everyone who goes through PN coaching as a couple?

Doug and Sandrine now: lighter, fitter and happier. "Health is an asset," says Sandrine.

"They support and create these rituals and this strengthened connection. At the same time, you make it your own experience," says Sandrine. "You go in the same direction, but you follow your own path."

With 4 children and a shop, Stephanie no longer had an extension: So she lost 21 pounds anyway.

Stephanie's life was pretty hectic before COVID met. This is exactly how it is when you have four small children (or even one!) To run your own business.

"I really only took second place," recalls Stephanie. "I knew I should eat more vegetables or maybe sleep more, but I just reached for what I had when I was hungry, although it didn't really fill."

In a way, Stephanie realized that her approach wasn't working. She wanted to lose weight and feel better. But she didn't know how.

"I didn't know a better way. I was in survival mode."

She was ready for change. But if she wanted to transform – she only wanted to do it once.

"I thought," If I do, it will be a lifelong thing. "So she started PN with a simple but bold commitment: try everything.

One of the most groundbreaking lessons for Stephanie was the very first: do a 5 minute action. When you start small, you learn to take your time.

Stephanie was surprised at the impact, both on her own eating and sleeping habits and on her working relationships. “People wrote to me 12 hours a day. I finally thought, okay, I need to have time to get things done. "

Having time for yourself has become an automatic part of her day and leads to more changes than Stephanie expected.

She lost 21 pounds, but more than that: "I'm moving better than ever. I recently chased my kids around the playground and found," You can't hit me! "

Stephanie with her youngest child in March 2019 (left) and 21 pounds lighter a year later.

From “Mac and cheese on pizza” to fresh pineapple as a treat: How Owen changed his diet and lifestyle.

When Owen booked the flight for his vacation to Alaska, he was thrilled. But it also led to recognition.

"With my weight, it would be an absolutely miserable eight-hour flight," says Owen.

The motivation helped him lose 25 pounds before his trip.

Owen on vacation in Alaska before joining Precision Nutrition Coaching.

"When I got home, I realized I didn't want to lose that momentum."

At that point he heard PN co-founder Dr. John Berardi talk about food as a continuum in a podcast. It was an interesting alternative to Owen's usual all-or-nothing approach.

"I would be in situations where I wanted to explain to my 5-year-old niece that I couldn't have a piece of cake because it wasn't a" day of cheating "," explains Owen. "Then I cut to myself three days later and I put the mac and cheese on a pizza."

Owen signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching and was impressed with the step-by-step method. “I remember thinking: 'My training is to go for a walk. What's the point of it "

Slow and steady eating and fitness habits have allowed Owen to stick to his goals.

But after decades of extremes, Owen soon found it refreshing not to "jump in with both feet". It allowed him to do something new: stick to the plan.

Like many of us, the Owen pandemic threw a loop. But maybe more in his case. This is because he is a medical professional. (A big thank you to Owen and all the key staff out there.)

Still, he managed to stay on course and lose 28 pounds and two pants sizes.

But he's not done yet: Owen has decided to sign up for another year of Precision Nutrition Coaching. He benefits from the support – and of course from the physical and mental transformation.

Owen plans to maintain momentum with another round of Precision Nutrition Coaching.

"About a month ago, I had just finished a crazy 70-hour week. In the store, I decided to do something good. I came home and found I couldn't get a box of donuts, a bag of fries, or a frozen pizza "I have a pineapple. It was a pretty cool moment when I realized how far I got."

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How Damian grabbed 14 pounds of muscle

Damian knew that something was wrong when he went to a carnival party with his wife.

"Machel Montano was on stage and he sings his song" Famalay ". I remember raising my hand and singing along and within 10 seconds I'm tired. Very tired."

At that moment, he realized that he wasn't really taking care of himself.

"I didn't exercise. I didn't eat properly. I didn't know what to eat," he says.

Where Damian lives, a metabolic disease is widespread in Trinidad. Damian wanted to feel better – and he didn't want to be a statistic either. "I wanted to give my children and my wife the right example so that they know what healthy living habits look like."

When Damian signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching, he decided to focus on muscle building and consistency. It was'nt easy.

„Ich hatte immer die Einstellung, dass jede Herausforderung eine Chance für Wachstum darstellt“, sagt Damian. Er schöpfte aus dieser Widerstandsfähigkeit, um auf jeden Fall am Programm festzuhalten – durch Arbeit, Kindererziehung und COVID-19.

Das Ergebnis seiner beharrlichen Bemühungen: Damian konnte 14 Pfund Muskelmasse aufbauen. Er folgte einfach dem Programm, Tag für Tag, Woche für Woche.

So große Veränderungen passieren wirklich.

Damian vor (links, Mitte) und nach der Entwicklung von 14 Pfund Muskel- und Ernährungs- und Fitnessgewohnheiten fürs Leben.

"Was ich aus dieser Erfahrung bekomme, ist mehr als nur das, was die Augen sehen können. Unterwegs habe ich Eigenschaften entwickelt, die ich nie in Betracht gezogen habe – zum Beispiel proaktiv, konsequent und belastbar -, was dazu geführt hat, dass ich selbstbewusster bin und in Zukunft noch größere und bessere Dinge tun kann. “

Zum ersten Mal seit Jahren wurde diese Frau unter 200 Pfund schwer: Was als nächstes geschah, schockierte sie (auf großartige Weise).

Leor wollte für eine Hochzeit, an der sie bald teilnehmen würde, schlank werden. Sie hatte in der Vergangenheit viele Programme ausprobiert, konnte sich aber nicht lange daran halten.

„Ich habe die Dinge als massive Veränderung betrachtet und dachte, ich muss alles auf einmal tun“, sagt Leor. "Ich hätte die Einstellung:" Wenn ich es nicht perfekt mache, lohnt es sich nicht, es zu versuchen. "

Leor, 40, wusste um den Wert langsamen, achtsamen Essens. Sie wusste auch über nahrhafte Lebensmittel Bescheid. Ihr Problem: es tatsächlich zu tun.

Sie fand Precision Nutrition Coaching über einen Freund und meldete sich an, in der Hoffnung, das zu beheben. Sie wusste sofort, dass PN anders war. Sie schätzte, dass sich das Programm flexibel anfühlte.

"Es ging überhaupt nicht um Perfektion", sagt sie.

Leor hörte sich ihren Unterricht an, während sie jeden Morgen duschte. „Am Ende des Tages schaute ich zurück und dachte:‚ Okay, was habe ich heute eigentlich gemacht? Was muss ich sonst noch tun? "Ich begann und beendete meinen Tag mit PN."

Und ihr Körper begann sich zu verändern.

Aber dann kam und ging die Hochzeit.

Dann wurde es schwieriger.

"Nach der Hochzeit war es wie eine Neuausrichtung und Umgestaltung, um ein neues Ziel zu finden", sagt sie.

Auch ihre Arbeit als Assistenzprofessorin an einer Medizinschule in Barbados war in dieser Zeit sehr beschäftigt. Also konzentrierte sich Leor auf zwei Übungen, die sie überall hin mitnehmen konnte: achtsames Essen und langsames Essen.

Es ist nicht so, als wären diese beiden Konzepte für sie neu. Ihre Großmutter hatte viel Diät gemacht, als sie jünger war, und oft versucht, achtsam zu essen. Aber bis PN schienen das nur logische Ideen zu sein – sie hatte sie nicht wirklich in die Praxis umgesetzt. Diesmal sagte sie sich: "Übe das und gib ihm eine Chance."

Es hat sich ausgezahlt.

Eines Tages wurde Leor klar, dass sie einen Meilenstein erreicht hatte. Sie war unter 200 Pfund – zum ersten Mal seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt.

"Am nächsten Tag bemerkte ich einen Unterschied in meiner Denkweise", sagt sie. „200 zu brechen war diese große Hürde gewesen. Ich war so auf diese Zahl konzentriert, dass ich mich nicht auf andere Dinge konzentrieren konnte. Es brachte mich in einen anderen kognitiven Raum, um fragen zu können: "Wo sonst kannst du deine Energie einsetzen?" Es erlaubte mehr Dinge einzutreten. "

Sie beschloss, aktiver zu werden und möglicherweise Yoga zu versuchen.

Zum Jahresende war sie insgesamt 39 Pfund gesunken.

Leor vor (links) und nach Precision Nutrition Coaching. "Es war einfacher als ich dachte", sagt sie.

„Ich habe kleine, einfache Dinge gelernt, die ich wirklich sehr leicht tun und in mein Leben integrieren konnte. Ich musste diese massiven Änderungen nicht vornehmen, die sehr kompliziert werden würden und für immer dauern würden. Bei PN habe ich mich nur auf ein paar einfache Dinge konzentriert, und zusammen haben sie einen großen Unterschied gemacht. "

Eine Trennung, ein Umzug und COVID-19: Es war vielleicht das schlimmste Jahr im Leben dieses Mannes, aber er hat seine Fitnessziele immer noch gebrochen.

When Gautham started Precision Nutrition Coaching in July of 2019, life was, relatively speaking, smooth sailing.

He’d lost about 30 pounds over the preceding two years. But he struggled with an all-or-nothing mindset. He wanted health habits he could maintain.

Gautham was crushing it with PN. He decided to learn how to swim and mastered several strokes. He worked out regularly, biked several miles to work every day, ate slowly, and created a sleep ritual that allowed him to wake refreshed and get more done throughout the day.

Then, 2020 showed up. Some years, it seems, are just harder than others.

Suddenly, a serious relationship disintegrated. Not long after, a family member was hospitalized. A couple days after that, on the way to the gym, Gautham saw someone snatch a pedestrian’s purse and chased the guy down. (He got the bag but the snatcher got away.)

“That was all by January 15,” Gautham says.


By February, Gautham’s best friends and housemates moved away, which meant Gautham had to find a new place to live.

He’d just settled into his new home when the calendar flipped to March, a pandemic made its way to the US, and a “shelter in place” order went into effect where he lived in Washington DC.

“When you suddenly move to a job that you could, in theory, do from bed—without moving at all—that’s a different challenge,” he says.

Every Tuesday, like clockwork, he made sure to dial into his nutrition coaching video call. It became his anchor. He helped other clients with their challenges, and vice versa.

“You learn so much about yourself by listening to other people,” says Gautham.

Several months into the pandemic, Gautham learned of several family members who had COVID. Some were doing okay. Some weren’t.

He found he couldn’t sleep, which affected his energy levels.

So he turned to his coach, Jonathan Pope, who helped him scale things back.

Gautham went into his workouts aiming only for a 6 or a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. He didn’t lift as heavy or run as hard. He reminded himself that an intensity level of 6 was a lot better than zero.

Now one year later, Gautham’s body is leaner and 10 pounds lighter. “This is definitely the lightest I’ve ever been, and it makes it easier to move.”

But what’s changed even more: his mindset.

Gautham before Precision Nutrition Coaching (left) and after. He shed 10 pounds and an all-or-nothing mindset.

“There is always going to be life happening. And you just have to find a way to deal with it and make it work,” he says.

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This 68-year old woman mastered the Turkish getup and lost 42 pounds. If she can’t inspire you…

Looking at her now, it’s hard to believe that, just one year ago, 68-year-old Donna McKinney spent her days huddled inside her home.

Each morning, she flipped on the TV and plopped down in front of it with her breakfast in hand. She drifted in and out of that room over and over throughout the day.

“I knew I was overweight, and I knew I needed to get in shape, but I was stuck,” Donna recalls.

A holiday visit with her daughter, who appeared much smaller and fitter than before, changed everything.

Donna asked, “What did you do?”

Her daughter told her about Precision Nutrition Coaching and Donna decided to sign up.

Her one goal: to get fit. She had two young, extremely active grandchildren. “I didn’t want to be the grandmother who couldn’t sit on the floor and play games with her grandkids,” she says.

Donna’s body transformed in ways she never expected. The first time she tried to do a Turkish get-up, she couldn’t figure out where her arms or legs were supposed to even go. But slowly, over time, and with a lot of patience, she broke down the exercise into tiny steps.

“One day, it was automatic. I could just knock those out without thinking. That was a breakthrough for me.”

Around the five-month mark, Donna’s hips started to feel stiff and then painful. The feeling traveled to her low back. After seeing a doctor, she had a diagnosis: arthritis and tendonitis.

“I was eating better and working out and losing weight—and now arthritis wanted to take control of my body? That didn’t feel fair,” she says. “Thank God for my coach.”

Coach Pam Ruland helped Donna to focus on what she could do—rather than on her limitations.

”Before I would just push, push, push. Telling myself, ‘I can do this. Don’t be a wimp. Get on with it,’” Donna says. “But I’ve got to find things that work for my body. I can accept that now. It’s helped me to look into myself so much more than I ever imagined.”

Donna before and after her 42-pound weight loss. Now she has no problem getting up off the floor–even while holding a grandkid.

A year later, Donna is 42 pounds lighter.

More important, Donna is filled to the brim with obvious energy. Her eyes sparkle. Her skin glows. Her smile seems ever-present.

And she’s the grandmother she’s always wanted to be. “I still have arthritis, and that’s not going to go away,” she says. “But we run and play and pretty much do anything they want to do.”

And that TV?

“It’s hardly on anymore,” Donna says. “A lot has changed. I feel like a very different person.”

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