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Sports Physical Therapy in Salisbury (NC)

Dec 4

Physical therapy in Salisbury, NC can be a great way for you to get back in your sport and recover from injuries. Accelerate Therapy and Performance is the best place to find experienced, professional physical therapists. Since over a decade, we have served the Salisbury community and are proud to say that many of our patients have returned home to an active lifestyle.


What is sports physical therapy?

Accelerate Therapy & Performance is a program that helps prevent injuries from preventing someone from being unable to play their sport. For both professional and amateur athletes, there are many advantages to sports physical therapy Salisbury. Experts can suggest exercises that are specific to the injury area. This allows for faster recovery. The best way to speed up your recovery is to seek support immediately after an injury or surgery. This will allow you to return on the field quicker for those who are injured. This results in better performance for both the individual and their team.


Why is a sports physical therapist necessary?

Sports physical therapy Salisbury can help athletes who have suffered injuries. If you do the same repetitive motions every day, it can lead to injury or soreness. That is why it is important to seek support immediately. Regular visits to professionals can help you improve your technique and prevent potential problems that may require surgery. A professional is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their fitness after an accident.


How does it work?

Sports physical therapy is offered in Salisbury, NC. Our team includes surgeons and orthopedic doctors who are dedicated to providing the best Salisbury Physical Therapy possible for athletes in order to allow them to return to their sport as soon as possible. The treatment of sports injuries can include bracing, tapping, ice packs and other methods depending on the severity of the injury. Apply cold compresses within hours of an acute injury. You can then ice your injuries with crushed ice in plastic bags or gel packs for pain relief. This will reduce swelling and tissue damage in this inflammatory phase, which can help speed up healing.


Salisbury, NC: Where can I get one?

If you have questions regarding the services we provide, don't hesitate and contact us at our Salisbury, NC sports physical therapy clinic Salisbury. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Accelerate Therapy and Performance in Salisbury, North Carolina offers top-quality rehabilitation for sports injuries and related therapies for people who desire to regain their high-performance lifestyle. Call us today to find out more about your injury/condition or schedule an appointment with our physical therapist Salisbury.

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