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Things to Learn About Marijuana

Dec 4


What is marijuana's legal definition?


Cannabis is the collective name given to three plants that are psychotropic: Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa.


One of the most frequently utilized drugs in the world is made of the dried flower buds of these plants. The term is often used to refer to it as pot or weed, but others refer to it as marijuana.


The names of Missouri's medical marijuana cards change as the marijuana is legalized across more states. The word cannabis is used more frequently to refer to marijuana.


Some think it's a more accurate name. Some people believe it's more neutral than names such as marijuana and pot that are often associated with the illegal use of marijuana by some. Furthermore, due to its race-based background, the word "marijuana" is becoming less popular.


Cannabis is commonly used for its relaxing and calming properties. It's also used to treat various medical conditions in various US states, such as chronic pain, glaucoma, and the inability to eat.


Remember that although cannabis is extracted from a plant and, therefore, is considered natural, it is still able to exert powerful effects, both negative and positive.


What are the ingredients of marijuana?


Cannabinoids refer to a class of over 120 components that are found in cannabis. The experts don't know the precise function of each of them, but they do know much about cannabidiol as well as tetra hydro cannabin.


Each has their own set of impacts and applications:


CBD. It is not psychoactive cannabis, and it won't make you feel "high". It is often used to assist with pain relief and inflammation. It's also useful in treating nausea, anxiety, seizures, and headaches. (Epidiolex is the first and only CBD-containing prescription drug that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or FDA.) This drug is used for treating epilepsy in certain patients.) Researchers are trying to determine what CBD can be used to treat medical problems.

THC. This is the principal psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. The "high" which most people identify with cannabis is caused by THC.

You can find more information on the differences between THC (high-potency cannabis) and CBD here.


There are cannabis-related products that contain CBD, THC, or a combination of both. The dried flower that most people think of as cannabis however has both cannabinoids but some strains have far greater amounts of one than the other. Hemp contains a significant amount of CBD but it doesn't contain THC.


What are the consequences of cannabis in the short term?


Cannabis usage can cause various short-term effects. Some are healthy, while others are alarming.


These are the best short-term benefits:


  • greater appetite, relaxation, and enjoyment of things around you, like sights and sounds, more intensely

  • changed time and event perception

  • Focus and imagination

  • These effects are generally lower than THC in products that contain large amounts of CBD.


But, cannabis may cause adverse side effects that can be harmful to some individuals. Here are some possible effects

  • issues with coordination

  • The reaction time can be delayed

  • nausea\lethargy\anxiety

  • a faster heartbeat

  • Blood pressure has dropped.

  • paranoia

  • These negative side effects are much less prevalent in CBD-rich products than in those with high THC levels.

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