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Victoria's best home roasted coffee shop

Jan 15

Victoria's best home roasted coffee shop

Where to get Victoria's favourite home roasted coffee?

Melbourne has such great freshly home roasted coffee

Do you wonder how many steps and people are involved in getting you that morning cup of coffee?

Sipping a hot cup of coffee perks you up, and you are now ready to be more productive and energetic. 

Sourcing coffee is a detailed process, but it’s our job and we love it! From the farmers perfecting their harvest, us sourcing, cupping and roasting uncountable amounts of beans, and also working with numerous distributors, we want to make sure you love what’s on offer. Our incredible in-house roasting team put in a lot of work “from seed to cup” so that cup of coffee tastes just the way you like it every single morning.

Where to get some great freshly home roasted coffee in Victoria?


Whether you are a retail or wholesale customer they are always aiming to improve your experience through our values: excellence, quality, community, progression and integrity.
Their mission is to always continue advancing our knowledge and seeking improvements through all aspects of our business so that you can enjoy the best.

Try their beans and head to the established cafe, in Seaford. You can choose to pick up any beans you order online from


Do you need plunger or espresso coffee? They have so many types of coffee on offer; Espresso, Filter, Plunger, Stove Top, Whole Bean


Coffee for the People Roasting Co.
37 Armstrongs Road
Seaford VIC 3198
Coffee orders 0417 412 733
Cafe 0432 635 527