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Jan 24

Chiropractors - A Well Drilled Weapon For Wellness

Whiplash is one of the injuries that will most frequently be seen following a traumatic incident like a car accident or a fall.

When you make an appointment to visit with your Best Chiropractor, you will first share the type and location of the pain you are experiencing. However, dont assume that they will jump right into treating your neck from its whiplash injuries. Rather, they will want to know the severity of your injury, as well as some other general info. Your doctor will most likely have you complete a medical form and exam – and there will be a certain amount of probing questions that may be asked.

The most common question is, "Now that you've been to your doctor and they are treating your whiplash, where do you want me to begin?”

Your Best Chiropractor can give you advice on medications to help with the pain, but generally they do not treat your neck injury on its own. However, most people do not understand that it does not go away by simply rubbing - that will not cure the problem.

Now as you see your chiropractor for your neck injury, they will use the technique of joint adjustments to help correct the problems of your neck. They will also use massage therapy and electrical muscle stimulation.

There are numerous benefits that come from Chiropractic Treatment. You can get joint corrections to help with your whiplash. They will also work with the muscles and they can help get the spine back into its proper alignment. All of this will allow your joints to be more stable and able to act more effectively as a unit. This means that you can have greater endurance, faster reaction times and a general feeling of well being.

There are some conditions where Chiropractic Treatment is not appropriate. The main three are fractures, infections and cancer.

The most common problem that they see is whiplash. The ligaments are torn from the bone and this is what causes the pain.

Another problem that they see is neck pain or pain in the upper shoulder area. This is usually caused by the muscles taking on the role of the neck muscles. The muscles are put under pressure from other parts of the body and are unable to deal with it well and so this causes pain. The neck muscles are quite large and any pressure on them can cause pain.

Chiropractors have to focus on the central area of the spine and the area of joint capsules. This is the area that the the joints of the neck meet the skull. This is where pinching happens and the problem is the friction of the joint.

The Chiropractic doctor will adjust the spine to help the nerves exit the spinal joint without being pinched, and they will also do massage therapy and even electrical muscle stimulation and they will treat inflammation around the joint. 

If this is done they will be able to treat whiplash. Whiplash is a neck injury or injury that is caused by a car crash. The area in the neck is stretched or torn in a car crash and this creates a problem for the brain and the nerves. The nerves don't function well and then the brain has problems receiving information. People can get a Chiropractic Treatment and the area can get stretched, adjusted and corrected.

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