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Does Couples Therapy Really Work?

Dec 27

Does Couples Therapy Work? 

If you're wondering about couples therapy and if it can help your relationship, you're not alone. Thousands of people search for couples therapy and marriage counseling, every month, all year long. As 2022 comes to an end, people want to start 2023 fresh and fix the problems that plagued them in 2022. 

Relationships can be an amazing part of your life, but they also take a lot of work and dedication to maintain. Many people put in the work, early on, and then once things become a little more permanent, perhaps they get married, people do not always continue putting in the same effort. That's when problems can arise. That is also when people begin to wonder what can help them get back on track. 

This is when people begin to research couples therapy. 

Can Couples Therapy Save Your Relationship?

Couples therapy can be an effective way for couples to address and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. It can help couples learn new communication skills, identify patterns of behavior that may be damaging to the relationship, and develop strategies for resolving conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner.

However, the success of couples therapy depends on a number of factors, including the commitment of both partners to the process, the willingness to honestly and openly communicate with each other, and the ability to apply the skills learned in couples therapy to their daily lives.

It is also important to find a qualified therapist who is trained in couples therapy and has experience working with couples facing similar issues.

Individual Therapy Should Be Considered

We spoke with Diana Anzaldua, a licensed therapist and the founder of Austin Trauma Therapy Center, about this subject. She stated that "people have to remember that a couple or a relationship is usually made up of two people. Those two people are individuals who also bring their own individual challenges and pasts into their current relationship." Diana recommends that couples seek their own individual therapy, first, before doing couples therapy. She believes that many issues can often be resolved much easier if people first do their own therapy and understand what they are contributing to their relationship and how their behaviors may also affect the relationship. 

"Once individuals understand their behaviors and patterns, and more importantly, why they are behaving this way, then change can happen," Anzaldua says. 

Overall, couples therapy has the potential to be a helpful and valuable resource for couples who are committed to improving their relationship. We also believe you should take Diana's advice and perhaps consider your own therapy, first! Feel free to comment about your experience!