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25 Fall Gradual Cooker Recipes for Busy Weeknights

Nothing says “Happy fall, y’all!” like having a delicious, warm bowl of soup, chili, or other hearty meal slowly cooking in your crockpot and filling the house with enticing aromas.  We’ve put together 25 of our favorite slow cooker recipes that are easy to throw together and packed with fall flavors!

25 Fall Slow Cooker Recipes for Busy Weeknights

Slow Cooker Chicken Vegetable Soup

2. Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

Cranberry Mustard Pork Roast 
Cranberry Mustard Pork Roast

Vegetable Beef Stew 

Slow Cooker Barley Burritos 

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili

Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Soup

Crockpot Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese 
Crockpot Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese

Sweet Coconut Butternut Crockpot Soup 
Sweet Butternut Squash Soup

Crockpot Sweet Potato Chili

Crockpot Chicken Chili

Crockpot Cheesy Vegetable Soup

Crockpot Orange Chicken

Crockpot Teriyaki Apricot Pork Chops

Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Maple Glazed Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Pulled Pork

Turkey Chili Potatoes

Sweet Coconut Butternut Crockpot Soup

Crockpot Minestrone Soup
crockpot minestrone soup in a white bowl with crusty bread on the sideMushroom Barley Stew
mushroom barley stew

Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli 
Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli

Asian Slow Cooker Beef

Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers

25. Slow Cooker Quinoa Vegetable Soup

Sides for Slow Cooker Meals

Do you ever wonder what to serve with your slow cooker meals?  Here are some ideas if you feel that you need a “go with.”

Sandwich. For some of these wonderful slow cooker dishes, you may want to include a side sandwich (for instance, with soups), such as a grilled cheese sandwich.  Some fantastic sandwich combinations can be found here, but feel free to be creative and use what you have, such as using ham slices as the outside of a “wrap” and filling it with a slice of cheese, spinach, dill pickle slices, and roasted red bell peppers.  This wrap is a favorite it our home.Side salad.  Perhaps an easy cucumber avocado salad or one of these kid friendly pasta salads would compliment your slow cooker meal.  Or maybe a simple green salad, with romaine, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and dressing would satisfy your salad craving.Vegetable.  Keep frozen vegetables on hand so that they are ready to quickly microwave and use as a side dish.  We always have canned black eyed peas, field peas, and other canned beans and peas ready for a quick side also.  If we are in a big hurry, rather than sauteing onions to use in the vegetables, we’ll use onion and/or garlic powder.Fruit.  A fresh, seasonal fruit is always welcome as a side.  Or you could serve a fruit salad, such as this Apple Cinnamon Waldorf Salad.  We also keep an assortment of frozen fruit on hand in case we run out of fresh. Leftovers.  Another idea is to serve a leftover, such as leftover chicken, along with a slow cooker dish, such as the pumpkin macaroni and cheese.

Once you do your prep work and throw everything into the crock pot, you’re free to do the dozens of other things on your list!

We love this crockpot.. it’s automatic, and it locks for easy transport!

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