3 week shoulder workout routine for the crowd

If you are an advanced lifter and want to improve or shock any part of the body (or in our case the shoulders), this is an intense shoulder workout routine that should be tried out. The system is called – Power / Rep Range / Shock or P / RR / S for short. The training is a three-week phase that is carried out three times within nine weeks.

This shoulder workout routine is aimed at improving a weak part of the body (your shoulders), or if you can handle it, you can use it to work your entire body. P / RR / S prevents you from getting bored with normal workouts.

But first we need to warn you: if you’ve just started exercising, or you’ve been exercising for less than a year, you are not ready for a program of this intensity. That said, you need to have a basic understanding of how muscle groups work, develop good strength, and have a good mind-muscle connection with the muscles being trained. If you are not advanced you should be better off doing some of these shoulder exercises.

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The 3-week shoulder training routine

Week 1: Power Phase

The main intensity section comes from “Power Week”, which is set for three sets of four to six repetitions with a break of four to five minutes between sets. The delts consist of three sections, heads – anterior or anterior; sideways or sideways; and back or back – how to do an exercise for each head.

Front delts

Sitting barbell presses 3 x 4-6

Side delts

Side elevations 3 x 4-6

Rear delts

Upright barbell rows 3 x 4-6

You need to hit the targeted muscles hard, but not get extremely heavy, to the point of four to six repetitions failing. You shouldn’t sacrifice form to get more reps. You’re trying to build muscle so don’t try to get your maximum weight.

Week 2: Repetition Area

After the exhausting Power Week, the Rep Range Week follows. Follow the same principles outlined for Power Week, but the rep range is different for each exercise. First exercise for sets of eight to nine repetitions, the second exercise for 10 to 12 reps, and the third exercise for 13 to 15 reps. Your break between sets is two and three minutes.

You can change the order in which you train the heads. You start with the side heads, then meet the back and finally the front.

Side delts

Seated side elevations 3 x 9

Rear delts

Bent dumbbell or cable sideways 3 x 10-12

Front delts

Sitting dumbbell / barbell presses 3 x 13-15

Make sure to press up with each movement to perform proper muscle contraction.

Week 3: shock phase

Shock week includes intensity-boosting techniques aimed at challenging the muscles. When they recover, they grow and get stronger. Techniques can include supersets, drop sets, partial reps, or a rest / pause method. For the sake of simplicity, we will opt for the drop set technique.

With drop sets you make a set with a high weight. When you fail, lower the weight by about 25% and repeat more repetitions until you fail again. Take a two-minute break after each drop set.

You can again change the order in which you train the delta heads – starting with the back, followed by the front, and finally the side erasures.

Rear delts

Bent lateral ridges
Warm up 2 x 15-20
Drop Set * 1 x 8-10 (4), 8 (4), 8 (4)

Front delts

Smith machine or hammer presses

Warm up 1 x 15-20
Drop Set * 1 x 8-10 (3), 8 (3), 8 (3)

Page headers

One-armed cable sides
Warm up 1 x 15-20
Drop Set * 1 x 8-10 (3), 8 (3), 8 (3)

Drop Set * is a drop set and is carried out as follows:

– You should carefully analyze and choose a weight that will get you wrong in 8-10 repetitions and do a set.
– let it rest for five seconds,
– Drop the weight by 25% and fail again.
– Let it rest for 10 seconds
– Then reduce the weight again by 25% and fail again.

After week 3

You can restart the processes with Power Week, followed by Rep Range Week and Shock Week. Then repeat the entire three week cycle one final time for a total of nine weeks. After three rounds of P / RR / S, take a week off to relax and prepare for the next nine-week period – if you feel like it.

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