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7 Day Excessive Protein Weight-reduction plan Plan for Weight Loss (Indian, Vegetarian Weight-reduction plan Card)

As seen in our previous articles on protein and the importance of proteins, eating a high protein diet helps you lose weight. If you are still confused about what to and shouldn’t eat? Which options are better? Do vegetarians consume enough protein? This article will answer all of your questions. We have provided the list of high protein vegetarian options along with a 7 day high protein diet plan for weight loss (Indian, vegetarian diet menu). Eating a high protein diet along with moderate fat and low carbohydrates will help you lose weight.

7 Day High Protein Diet Plan for Weight Loss (Indian, Vegetarian Diet Card)

Before you go ahead and review this high protein 7 day diet plan for weight loss, you need to know that there are several different versions of this that we have on Dietburrp. After you review this diet plan, check out these other weight loss diet plans to complement your variations.

Points to consider when planning:

Include at least 1 premium source of protein in each main meal. Combine 2 grains or grains with legumes for better protein availability. Make sure you are getting enough protein that is at least 50% animal protein Vegan, check out our vegan weight loss diet plan. Milk and products such as paneer, quark and cheese are animal proteins. Combine your protein with enough carbohydrates for better absorption.

Composition of the diet plan for a person weighing 65-70 kg:

Energy: 1200 – 1300 kcal Proteins: 65 – 70 g (25% of total calories) Carbohydrates: 180 – 185 g (55 – 60% of total calories) Fats: 25 g (15 – 20% of total calories)

Food List For High Protein Diet Plan For Weight Loss:

Food group Amounts (g)Amount of protein (g)Grain & Millet 30Jowar3.1Oats5Bajra3.5Dals, legumes & sprouts 307Soy & Products 2510Nuts & Oilseeds 153Dairy products 150 mlMilk & Quark5Paneer407Cheese307vegetables100Green Leafy Vegetables3 – 4Lotus Stem2.5Mushrooms3

7 Day High Protein Diet Plan For Weight Loss

day 1

time MenuquantityEmpty stomach Detox Juice1 glass (Palak, ginger, bottle gourd, coriander, lemongrass) breakfastVegetable oats and Mung Dal Appam4 No. (small) (Oats, soaked yellow mungdal, paprika, onion, tomato) Quark and mint chutney 1 tbsp Green tea1 cup morningFruit1 no means Having lunchSprout Salad1 cup (sprouts 30g) Chapati (wheat flour + red canal flour / soybean flour) 1 No. Methi leaf vegetables with mung dal1 cup Dal / Sambar1 cup Quark / buttermilk 1 cup / 1 glass SnacksFried channa1 cup dinner Spinach Soup1 cup Cauliflower rice¾ cup Sambar / Dal1 cup Carrot and Pea Vegetables1 cup Buttermilk 1 glass Bedtime Milk (no sugar) 1 cup

day 2

time MenuquantityEmpty stomach Ruby Detox Drink1 glass (Carrot / beetroot / ginger / tomato / chia seeds / cinnamon powder) Or lemon water1 glassbreakfastPaneer Paratha1 Medium size Green chutney ½ cup Curd1 cup morningFruit / buttermilk1 no. medium Having lunchVeggie Salad1 cup Jowar Roti1 No. (medium size) Leafy vegetables 1 cup Soybean Curry1 cup Quark / buttermilk 1 cup / 1 glass SnacksBoiled Chana masala1 cup dinner Mung Dal and Tomato Soup1 cup Kapati1 no means Cottage cheese (room temperature) 1 cup Green leafy vegetables 1 cup Bedtime Soaked Almonds and Walnuts 4

Day 3

time MenuquantityEmpty stomach Soaked methi with warm water 1 teaspoon + 1 glass of warm water breakfastBroken wheat upma1 cup (Paprika, onion, tomato, mungdal + broken wheat) Coffee / milk 1 cup morningFruit1 no means Having lunchVeggie Salad1 cup Chapati2 No. Dudhi Vegetable1 cup Paneer Bhurji Vegetable Cup Quark / buttermilk 1 cup / 1 glass SnacksSprouts Veggie Salad1 cup Green tea1 cup dinner Russian salad1 cup Bajra Roti1 No. (medium size) Dal Makhni (less butter / ghee) 1 cup each green vegetable 1 cupBedtime Milk1 cup

Day 4

time MenuquantityEmpty stomach Soaked chia seeds with lemon water 1 teaspoon chia seeds + 1 glass of water breakfastVegetable sandwich2 no. (Multigrain bread) Salty Lassi1 glass morningNuts (almonds + walnuts + pumpkin seeds 15 grams Having lunchVegetable Raita1 cup Chapati2 No. Bhindi ki sabji1 cup Chole1 cup Buttermilk 1 glass SnacksCut fruits 100 g + Chia seeds 2 tsp dinner Green salad 1 cup Cheese Paneer Vegetable Roll2 No. (Small size) Jalapeno Curd Dip ½ cup Bedtime Soy milk 1 cup

Day 5

time MenuquantityEmpty stomach Green Cooler1 glass (Spinach / cucumber / ginger / chia seeds / cinnamon powder) breakfastMushroom paneer toast 2 slices Greek yogurt + chia seeds1 cup morningFruit1 no means Having lunchExotic salad (peppers + zucchini + broccoli + lettuce) 1 cup Multigrain chapati2 No. Vegetables 1 cup Mix 1 cup Buttermilk 1 glass SnacksSmoothie1 glass Apple + curd + cinnamonApple – 50 g, quark 150 g, cinnamon – a pinch dinner Tomato Soup1 cup Vegetables Khcihdi1 cup Kadhi1 cup Green vegetables 1 cup Bedtime Masala is holding the Milk1 cup

Day 6

time MenuquantityEmpty stomach Cinnamon powder with warm water ½ teaspoon of cinnamon + 1 cup of warm water breakfastMillet Idli / Dosa2 – 3 no. (Small) / 1 large Sambar1 cup Green chutney 2 tablespoons Lemon juice (no sugar) 1 glass morningFruit1 no means Having lunchMushroom Peppers and Paneer Salad1 cup Jowar Roti2 No. small Just sprouted sabji1 cup Quark / buttermilk 1 cup / 1 glass SnacksGrilled Lotus Stem 100 g Coffee1 cup dinner Quark basil dip¼ cup Or cottage cheese and mint dip 1/4 cup Paneer Schnitzel4 No. Grilled Exotic Vegetables1 cup Bedtime Buttermilk 1 glass

Day 7

time MenuquantityEmpty stomach Lush green Juice1 glass (Spinach / cucumber / ginger / chia seeds / cinnamon powder) breakfastPorridge 1 cup Avocado / almond quark smoothie1 glass morningRoasted almonds8 – 10 no. Cinnamon tea1 cup Having lunchPaneer Vegetable Salad 1 cup Bajra Roti1 No. (medium size) Soy Nugget Sabji1 cup Masoor Dal1 cup Buttermilk 1 glass SnacksMoong Dal Chilla topped with small cheese2 Green chutney 2 tablespoons dinner tomatosoup

(Recipe for soups)

1 cup Bajra Roti2 Small Mix sprout sabji1 cup Bedtime Masala milk / soy milk 1 cup

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Important tips:


Just being aware of what you are eating makes a world of difference. It can be challenging at first, but then it gets easier with the right guidance and professional help. Start with small positive changes in diet and see long-term positive effects.

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