Are Crocs Still Popular with Nurses And Health Care Workers?

Frontline workers like nurses and other health care workers have had a great deal of attention since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.  Crocs made a big splash in March of 2020 when they donated over 900,000 Crocs to frontline healthcare workers, nurses and surgeons.

This was a very generous offer and many healthcare workers appreciated the gesture.  But, can health care workers even wear “sandals” to work?  Steven Crews with explains that Crocs created a specific line of their signature sandal for healthcare workers.  That line of Crocs is called the Crocs Rx Line.

Crocs made under this line have enhanced arch support and signature Crocs-Lock slip-resistant soles.  As you know, healthcare workers often work long shifts and are on their feet for hours at a time, if not for the whole 8+ hour shift that they work.  The arch support and patented CrosLite material provide nurses and healthcare workers with the support they need on these long shifts.

You can find examples of the best Crocs for nurses and healthcare workers here.   Crocs offer several different designs and models within their Rx-line.  The thing I love about my Crocs is that I can choose from so many different colors.

There was a controversy about Crocs and healthcare workers in the mid 2000’s.  Several health regions in the US and UK banned Crocs with holes in their hospitals.  They felt that there was a risk of spills and potential needle pricks when nurses and healthcare workers wore shoes with holes.

You can read more about the Crocs with holes controversy with health regions in North America and the UK here: Can Nurses wear Crocs with holes in them?

I’m not sure if Crocs created their signature Rx-Line of sandals before or after that controversy, but today, Crocs are as popular as ever with health care professionals.

I recently spoke with some nurses that I know about whether or not they like to wear Crocs to work.  Nancy, an ER nurse, told me that she is on her feet all day.  She has tried other shoes and sneakers, but her Neria Crocs clogs are her favorite. She admitted to having 3 different pairs all with different designs.  Then she can choose a color and design in the morning based on her mood!

Another friend, Amy, works at a nursing home.  She told me that she prefers her Mercy Work Crocs Clog.  They feel lighter on her feet and the strap keeps her foot secure.  She is always running from one place to another and her Crocs do the job.

So, are Crocs as popular with healthcare workers as they were in the past.  I’d say, from anecdotal experience, that I’ve heard a resounding… Yes!

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