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Are The Advantages Of Turmeric Value The Hype? A sports activities dieter fades away

You’ve probably heard of turmeric, the golden spice that has been advertised for a wide variety of health boons. But what exactly is it? Can Turmeric Benefits Make A Difference In Your Daily Life? And what is the best way to consume it? Everything you need to know is here.

What is turmeric?

Turmeric is a spice extracted from the Curcuma longa root, which belongs to the ginger family. In fact, it looks remarkably similar to ginger root. The main difference, however, is that turmeric has an intense golden yellow color. This pigment comes from its active ingredient curcumin (more on this below). The spice is used worldwide but is particularly common in Indian cuisine and is used to treat certain health problems such as arthritis and heart disease.

Health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric contains many herbal substances that have a number of suggested health benefits. One group of these substances is called curcuminoids and offers the greatest health benefits. This includes the aforementioned powerhouse curcumin, which is valued for its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antioxidant properties. In fact, it’s arguably the most powerful naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agent out there.

Now after your workout, the inflammation in your body increases as a healing measure. However, excessive inflammation can disrupt healthy cellular processes such as metabolic function and damage certain cellular structures such as arteries. By prioritizing a spice like turmeric and suppressing bad behaviors like smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and consuming foods that are processed or high in saturated fat, you can increase regeneration and overall well-being by lowering inflammation.

The disadvantage of curcumin is that when consumed it is not absorbed very well in the gut. Supplementation is often required to get the dosage that is most beneficial. Fortunately, there are many methods that can help increase absorption. Two of the most common: combine turmeric with piperine (or black pepper extract) or combine it with fats. We’ll show you how below.

How To Consume Turmeric For The Greatest Health Benefits

It’s easier to combine fats and turmeric than you think. Add the seasoning with black pepper, avocado oil, or coconut oil, as well as vegetables, tofu, and / or chicken to improve bioavailability. Golden lattes have also become incredibly popular: heating coconut oil, almond milk, fresh turmeric, honey and cinnamon together. (Do it at home so you know you’re getting high quality turmeric.) You can even mix turmeric into your post-workout or morning smoothie. Just make sure you use almond milk or whole fat milk as the liquid to help these healthy fats bind to the turmeric. There is one caveat: if you add the spice to meals, it may only contain 3 percent curcuminoids, the beneficial ingredient. In this case, a nutritional supplement is your best bet to get the benefits of turmeric and curcumin.

Take 1,500 mg curcumin with 60 mg piperine per day. Or try it with Merivaa patented form of curcumin; Take 400–1,000 mg per day. Extracts like these are the most effective forms and offer the greatest health benefits.

Top 3 Turmeric Supplements to Take:

Jordan Mazur, MS, RD, is the nutrition and team sports coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers.

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