Bench press your way to Super Hero Armor-Plate Pecs!

Think of a great superhero and you will find that he always has a strong, well-defined chest. Even skinny Spider Man has nice pecs. I have to mention Johnny Bravo here too … he’s a personal superhero of mine. You can also maintain these heroes’ sexy shape by simply working your pecs.

Your chest consists of two main muscles, pectoralis minor and pectoralis major, or pecalis for short. The pectoralis major and pectoralis major are layered with the pectoralis major on top.

When we talk about how to train these muscles, most trainers have divided the chest into three focus groups, simply referred to as the upper, middle, and lower chest. If you want the heavy armor plate pecs that resemble a superhero, you’ll need to do chest exercises to develop and work out all three sections.

Why is it important to properly exercise the upper chest?

Having your upper pectorals properly sculpted is important if you want a chest that Johnny Bravo would be jealous of. Unfortunately, most amateurs don’t work the same way in all three sections and are more likely to gain bulk in the lower than the upper part of the chest.

This gives them a bulkier floor that is not ideal. Poor exercise patterns or focusing on the lower chest more than the upper chest result in pectoral muscles that look more like buck than armor plates.

How to Build a Strong Upper Chest

One of the most common training mistakes made by amateurs is that they think the important thing is to increase size or decide on your own. Of course, size does matter, but that’s not the only thing.

When there isn’t a defined goal for your workout, you’ll get pectoral muscles that are bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top. To achieve an armor plate chest, you need proper chest workout, the basic core of which is the bench press.

What is a bench press?

The bench press is uniquely the most effective exercise for the chest, shoulders, triceps, and back. Simply put, you lie on your back on a bench and lift a barbell. As a compound exercise, transforming your entire top half can really help, provided you do the exercise correctly, with the correct shape and placement. Here are some tips on how to get your shape and placement right for the best bench press results.

Be careful of your grip. Make sure to hold the bar so that it rests on the palm of your hand and not near your fingers. This allows you to keep your wrist in the correct position, straight rather than bent.
Eyes on the price. Remember to position yourself so that you are lying down so that the bar is directly over your eyes. This allows you to maintain the arched position while you release and lock the bar.
Elbow at 45. Remember to keep your arms at the correct angle. Your elbows should be at a 45 ° angle between your shoulders and ribs. This protects you from possible shoulder injuries.
Stayed on the ground. Always make sure that your feet are flat on the floor. Remember to position your bench so that you can push up with your legs. For this you need your feet on the ground. For an added bonus, put your feet back closer to your butt and just put the footballs on the floor. This position helps you maintain the arched structure of the trunk.

If you’re interested, here are 8 tips for building a large top chest.

So go to the gym and get those pecs work out today … Johnny Bravo wants you to do it.

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