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Best Muscle Building Supplements: Build Mass and Strength

Building that dream beach body is no easy feat. Muscle Mass Building takes time and a lot of training to achieve. However, if you do not see any changes after constant training, you may need the help of Muscle Building Supplements.

These supplements for building muscle help you achieve that beach body you are dreaming of. These supplements can also help you recover after intense workouts. We take a look into the best muscle-building supplements in the market and below are the most effective brands.

Top 7 Best Supplements To Build Muscle Fast:

TestoPrime – Strongest Natural Testosterone BoosterTri-Protein – Best Whey Protein Powder Intensive Pre-Train – Best Pre-Workout SupplementPhenQ – Best Belly Fat BurnerCreatine – Best for Weight Lifting & HIIT ExerciseHyperGH 14x – To Naturally Increase HGH LevelsRitual Multivitamins – Multivitamins For Bodybuilders

Below is the in-depth review of each muscle-building supplement. Each supplement works differently, and you are sure to find the most suitable one for you.

#1. TestoPrime – Strongest Overall Testosterone Booster

Brand Overview

The most essential hormone when it comes to building muscles is Testosterone. As we get older, we produce less and less of this hormone. This is normal; however, we do not have to lose hope when it comes to building muscles when we get older.

You can still achieve that strong build even with age. TestoPrime focuses on improving your testosterone levels and may reverse the effects of low testosterone levels. This effect may help you build muscle cells and bring back the energy you had back in your 20s.

Low Testosterone can also make it difficult to maintain intensive exercises. However, TestoPrime is a supplement that may help in giving you the necessary strength to continue your workout sessions. 

TestoPrime has been the trusted brand for men in their 30s or 40s who are experiencing the effects of low testosterone levels. This supplement uses 12, all-natural ingredients that may help in building those muscles and reversing the effects of low testosterone.

You do not need any prescription to add TestoPrime to your diet and the brand scientifically-researched their formula to further help you. The natural formula may help reduce your stress by up to 71.6% and burn body fat. 

As we age, our metabolism slows down as well, making it difficult to burn off that additional weight and gain muscle cells. TestoPrime uses ingredients that may help improve your weight loss and convert that pesky fat into more energy you can use throughout the day. 


Also voted as #1 best testosterone booster It uses natural ingredients and dosages that are backed by research.You do not need a prescription to get this supplement.TestoPrime offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on its supplements.It may reduce your stress with constant use.It may help increase your strength and endurance to help you get through those intensive workouts.The supplement focuses on reversing the effects of low testosterone levels.This supplement is great for men ages 30 and up.It uses 12 natural ingredients that may help improve your energy and testosterone levels.


    It does not focus on post or pre workout recovery.    Effects are not quick but instead, long-term.


TestoPrime is a supplement that may help improve your testosterone levels.This supplement uses natural ingredients that may help improve your muscle strength and promote muscle mass building.TestoPrime may help with weight loss and help convert the fat in your body into more energy.It may help reduce your stress levels by up to 71.6%, which may cause additional weight gain, preventing you from building muscles.TestoPrime may help increase your strength and overall endurance so you can continue those intense workout sessions.TestoPrime uses effective dosing and a formula that has been scientifically researched.

User Experience

Users who bought TestoPrime love the long-lasting effects of the supplement. Most users are aged 30 and up and they are satisfied with the effects of the supplement. Users report that the supplement helps improve their energy levels and improve their strength. 

Most users also report increased endurance and weight loss when using TestoPrime. Other users also say that using the supplement helps reduce their stress level overall.

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#2. Tri-Protein – Best Whey Protein Powder

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

We all know that whey protein is necessary for building muscle. Whey Protein can help in building muscle mass when paired with strength training constantly. Aside from this, adding whey protein powder to your diet is necessary to increase your muscle mass and strength.

Tri-Protein is a supplement that helps give you the daily dose of protein that you need.  Getting all the protein you need from food can be challenging. Protein shakes can help you achieve those daily protein goals and may help in improving your muscle mass.

This food supplement is great for post-workout recovery and helping you meet your macros. The delicious chocolate protein shake is also stackable with other supplements, making it great for strength training.

Intensive workouts can cause you to crave sugar and eating sugar can throw you off your diet. Tri-protein gives you that sweet boost without adding huge amounts of sugar to your body. It contains six protein sources that are quick absorbing so you can feel the results instantaneously. 

We all know how painful it can be when you finish leg day, and all your muscles are sore and painful. Tri-protein uses ingredients that may help improve your muscle recovery and keep you going through those intensive workouts.

Aside from promoting muscle recovery, Tri-protein may also help build and maintain muscles. Building those muscles is one thing but maintaining them is another challenging feat. Tri-protein helps you maintain those muscles you worked extremely hard for.


You can get free shipping when you buy this supplement on the official Crazy Bulk website.This supplement comes in a delicious chocolate flavor made with real cocoa powder to help satisfy any sweet craving you have.Tri-protein may promote an increase in muscle mass.This supplement can help speed up your recovery after an intense workout.Tri-protein can help you get your protein macros.This supplement uses quick-absorbent ingredients so your body can get all the nutrients it needs.


    It does not focus on the effects of low testosterone levels.    This supplement is not suitable for pre-workout sessions.


Tri-Protein contains protein source ingredients that can help you achieve your macros.This supplement may help improve your muscle soreness after an intensive workout.It contains 21 grams of protein for each serving.It may help reduce pain and swelling after an intense workout.This supplement can give you 21 grams of protein for each serving.It may help promote muscle mass growth.This supplement may help maintain your muscles after gaining them.It can help satisfy your sweet cravings after a heavy workout.

User Experience

Customers who bought Tri-Protein love the delicious and healthy protein shake because it gives a high amount of protein in a delicious way. Users claim that the protein shake is great for muscle recovery. 

Users who take Tri-Protein also say that the protein shake helps satisfy their sweet cravings which are common after a heavy workout. The supplement may also help in increasing your muscle mass and maintaining it.

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#3. Intensive Pre-Train – Best Pre-Workout Supplement

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

Need an extra boost during training? This supplement may be for you. Intensive Pre-train is a supplement that focuses on providing you that extra boost of energy and strength during your workout sessions.

You only need one scoop of this supplement before your workout to see results. However, Intensive Pre-Train is extremely powerful, and we do not recommend you take more than one scoop per day. 

Just like Tri-Protein, Intensive Pre-Train is stackable and is mainly used to give you that extra strength in workouts. It may help you lift, sprint and train more. The supplement may also help in building your stamina and endurance during training. 

Intensive Pre-Train uses caffeine to help keep you in focus and get you more fired up during a workout. This supplement may help in keeping you energetic and promoting your recovery rate, letting you train more. 

This supplement also has Ashwagandha extract and Thiamine that may help improve your strength, endurance, and testosterone levels. Thiamine may also help prevent you from gaining weight and help you burn off that extra fat.


This supplement keeps you focused and awake during workouts.The supplement’s effects are instantaneous and can be felt immediately.Intensive Pre-Train uses Ashwagandha which may help in improving your strength levels.The supplement may help burn off any excess fat and promote weight loss.It may help improve testosterone level production naturally.Intensive Pre-Train offers free shipping.It increases your motivation and energy levels.The supplement may delay or reduce the fatigue and pain you feel after a workout.This supplement may increase your endurance and strength and motivate you to train harder.


    It contains caffeine which may disturb your sleeping schedule.    It does not focus on increasing your muscle mass.


The Intensive Pre-Train contains caffeine to keep you focused during your workout sessions.It contains Ashwagandha that may help improve your strength and endurance before starting your workout.This supplement also contains Thiamine that may help generate energy through foods and burn off excess fat.The supplement may increase your energy levels and improve your motivation.The Intensive Pre-Train may also reduce fatigue during workouts.You can instantly feel the effects of the supplement after 30 minutes.It may help improve your testosterone production and avoid the effects of low testosterone levels.

User Experience

Intensive Pre-train users love the delicious shake which helps them train and focus harder during workouts. The shake contains caffeine, which may help boost your energy levels and help you lift more while doing strength training. 

Users also report having better strength and energy when they take Intensive Pre-Train before working out. The effect of the supplement can be felt after just 30 minutes of drinking it. It may also help delay the fatigue you feel when working out.

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#4. PhenQ – Best Belly Fat Burner

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

Getting Older can make it challenging to keep off that additional weight. However, fat burner supplements like PhenQ may help promote weight loss.  Weight loss may also help you achieve that beach body and improve your muscle mass. 

PhenQ is trusted by 190,000 users and with good reason. This supplement targets weight loss in five ways, helping you burn off that extra fat. The Formula of PhenQ is researched and tested multiple times to improve effectiveness. 

PhenQ may help burn extra fat and reduce fat production. This supplement also targets your appetite and keeps you full for longer. This feature can help avoid cravings that can throw off your diet. 

Aside from suppressing your appetite, PhenQ may also help in increasing your energy levels, which is necessary for longer workout sessions. The boost of energy may also keep you motivated and help you train harder during exercise. 

This supplement may also help in improving your mood. People tend to eat more whenever they are stressed, causing them to gain extra weight. PhenQ may help in maintaining your weight by keeping your mood at bay.

PhenQ uses natural ingredients that may promote weight loss. It also contains caffeine which can help keep you focused during exercise. This ingredient may also help in combating the fatigue you feel during workouts.

You can check out this PhenQ review to know more about the brand.


You do not need a prescription to use PhenQ.It combats weight loss in five different ways.This supplement keeps you feeling satiated for longer,It may reduce the production of new fat cells.This supplement may help improve your mood.This supplement is made in the United States and United Kingdom laboratories.PhenQ offers a Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.PhenQ offers free shipping and discounts on multiple purchases.


    It does not focus on increasing your muscle mass.    This supplement does not help with muscle soreness.


PhenQ uses ingredients backed by research to help burn extra fat.Aside from burning fat, it may also help in stopping new fat cells from forming.This supplement may help suppress your appetite and keep you full.PhenQ has caffeine which may help keep you focused during workouts.It may help increase your energy levels, letting you exercise more.PhenQ may help manage your mood, preventing you from overeating and gaining extra weight.It may help burn stored fat, turning them into energy you can use throughout the day.

User Experience

PhenQ users love the supplement because it helps aid their weight loss journey. Users also report feeling full for longer and preventing sudden cravings while on a diet. Customers say that they can stay on their diet for longer when using PhenQ. 

This supplement also contains caffeine which may disrupt your sleep schedule if you drink it late in the day. However, users report that they get a boost of energy and focus that is necessary during workouts.

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#5. Creatine –  Best for Bodybuilding & HIIT 

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

Creatine is another pre-workout supplement that can help increase your motivation and strength during training. Strength Training requires endurance and stamina, and Creatine helps give you that boost. 

This supplement is perfect for weightlifters because it may give you better pumps and help you lift more. Lasting more in workouts can help you build lean muscle faster. This supplement is also most helpful in HIIT or High-Intensity exercises. 

Professionals and Bodybuilders alike use this supplement to boost their muscle gain in a short amount of time. The supplement can also give that swollen look, making your muscles look engorged and huge.

The supplement uses three ingredients to give you that energy boost in the gym. Creatine contains minerals that may help improve protein synthesis, helping with muscle recovery after a workout. The supplement also helps replenish the minerals that you lose when exercising. 

Creatine also has potassium and sodium, which keeps your body hydrated during a workout. This mineral may also help you lift more and make your muscles contract. The supplement comes in a delicious orange and mango flavor as well.


It may help with muscle recovery and protein synthesisThis supplement may help you lift and train moreIt helps replace the minerals and nutrients you use when working out.Suitable for HIIT training because it may help in improving your endurance and stamina.CrazyBulk’s official website offers free shipping worldwide.It comes in a delicious, flavored drink, helping you satisfy your sweet cravings.It may help reduce the fatigue you feel when exercising.It can be stacked with other protein powder or muscle-building supplements.CrazyBulk offers fast delivery within one to two days.


    It does not focus on improving your testosterone levels.    This supplement does not focus on burning fat or promoting weight loss.


It comes in mango and orange flavor, making your drink delicious and tasty.It replenishes the necessary minerals that you lose during a workout.This supplement helps delay the fatigue and tiredness you feel during a workout and promotes muscle protein synthesis.It may help increase your physical power, helping you train more.Creatine may help improve your energy levels, keeping you active throughout the day.The supplement contains potassium and sodium that may help in keeping you hydrated and giving your muscles that swollen look.

User Experience

Creatine is another great pre-workout supplement that users love due to its delicious taste. Users love the supplement because it helps give them the strength and physical power they need during strength training. 

Users of Creatine also love the supplement because it helps them recover after a workout. The supplement may help reduce the fatigue you feel during exercise, encouraging you to train more and build stamina.

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#6. HyperGH 14x – Best for Natural HGH Production

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

The HGH or more commonly known as the Growth Hormone is necessary for growth and producing new cells. After every workout, our cells need to recover, which can take a long time. However, supplementing HGH directly to your body is illegal and you cannot use it without medical supervision. 

HyperGH 14x is one of the best HGH supplements that naturally boosts your body’s production of HGH. This supplement helps release the HGH in your system naturally. This effect may help promote muscle growth and improve recovery. 

HyperGH 14x is a safe way to release HGH in your body. This supplement may also help burn the extra fat in your body. This brand offers free shipping on certain packages and even a 67-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. 

The brand also offers 24.7 Customer Support that you can rely on whenever you have any questions. HyperGH 14x focuses on building lean muscle and helping you maintain that lean muscle. Aside from this, the supplement also helps in shortening the amount of time you need to recover. 

Taking this supplement before your workout may also help you see better results from doing the same workouts. The HGH is also responsible for improving your sleep schedule so this supplement may improve your sleep quality.


HyperGH 14x offers free shipping on select packages.This brand offers 67 days of money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.The brand has a 24/7 Customer service feature that you can use if you have any inquiries about the product.HyperGH 14x may also help promote weight loss.It may help build and maintain lean muscles.It may reduce the amount of time your muscles need to recover.HyperGH 14x may help boost the release of Growth Hormone in your body naturally.HyperGH 14x uses 100% secured payments so you do not have to worry about unsecured payment methods.It may help improve the quality of your sleep.


Results may vary and it can take up to six months to see noticeable changes.


This supplement may help your body release the HGH or Growth Hormone naturally.HyperGH 14x may help improve the recovery of your muscles.This supplement may improve the results you receive from working out.HyperGH 14x may give higher pulse releases of HGH within 24 hours.It may give you the energy you need, helping you last longer during workouts.This supplement focuses on promoting lean muscle development by helping your body release the Growth Hormone.

User Experience

Users who bought HyperGH 14x love that the supplement can help shorten the amount of time they need for their recovery. A shorter recovery time means that they can exercise more, improving their results. 

Some users who use HyperGH 14x also report that it can help improve their sleep quality. This is highly likely due to the effects of the HGH or Growth Hormone, which is responsible for the circadian rhythm of your body.

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#7. Ritual Multivitamins – Best MultiVitamins for Men 

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

No matter what age group you are, taking in various nutrients helps keep your body healthy. However, with the modern diet, more and more people have gaps in their diet and are not able to get the necessary nutrients our body needs. 

Multivitamins are supplements that are applicable for both men and women, of all ages. You can buy a multivitamin that is suitable for your age group to get the best results. While it does not focus on building muscles, it may help in keeping your body healthy. 

Ritual offers free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can purchase without worries. Ritual also offers easy cancellation and is completely vegan. The supplement is also free of gluten and any major allergens. 

This supplement uses ten traceable ingredients, so you know exactly what is going into your body. It also uses a delayed=release design so you do not have to worry about taking the supplement on an empty stomach. 

The bottle of Ritual Multivitamins is also traced with Mint, so the capsules stay for longer. Rituals do not have any artificial colorants or additives.  It contains multiple vitamins that may help improve heart and brain health.


Free shipping on all purchases.The multivitamins are third-party laboratory tested for any harmful additives, GMO, and allergens.You can take the pill on an empty stomach.All the ingredients in the multivitamin are traceable.This supplement is completely vegan and does not have any gluten.It does not use artificial colorants or filters.Ritual offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for your purchase.You can buy suitable vitamins for your age group.Ritual Multivitamins may help improve your heart and brain health.It may improve your muscle function and improve your immune system to battle against illnesses.


    This supplement does not focus on building your muscle mass.    It may not help with muscle recovery and increasing your strength during workouts.


Ritual Multivitamins do not have any harmful additives or major allergens.It uses a delayed-release mechanism so you can take the vitamin on an empty stomach.Ritual contains vitamins that may help improve your brain and heart health.It may also support muscle function and improve your immune system.Ritual is made with traceable ingredients, so you know exactly what you are putting in your body.The bottle is laced with mint so you can keep the capsules fresh for longer.The supplement caters to both men and women, in all age groups.

User Experience

Customers who bought Ritual Multivitamins use them to help fill the gaps in their diet. The multivitamins help users get the necessary nutrients they need and may help improve brain and heart health. 

The supplement also caters to all age groups, making it great for both men and women.  Users also love that you can take the pill on an empty stomach. Customers know exactly what they are putting in their bodies because all the ingredients in the supplement are traceable.

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Buying Guide For Muscle Mass Supplements

When it comes to buying Muscle Mass Supplements online, it can be confusing to know which one is right for you.

Below are some of the common rules you can follow when buying supplements:

Pre-Workout Protein Supplements : Branched Chain Amino Acids

Pre-Workout Supplements have amino acid which gives you that boost of energy you need during workouts as it contains branched chain amino acids. These amino acid supplements typically contain caffeine which can improve your focus and may increase your energy levels. 

These amino acid supplements are typically taken 30 minutes before you start your workout. Pre-workout Amino Acid Supplements work by helping you lift and train more during your strength training. Some supplements also help with muscle contractions, promoting muscle growth through branched chain amino acids- BCAAs.

Post-Workout Protein Supplements

Post-Workout Supplements focus on muscle recovery and protein synthesis. The muscles in your body may experience pain and swelling after a workout. Post-Workout Supplements may help reduce the pain and fatigue you feel after exercising. 

Other Post-Workout Supplements also include additional minerals and nutrients. As you sweat, your body releases nutrients. These supplements can help replenish any nutrient or minerals your body releases while working out.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Another supplement bodybuilders and professionals use is natural testosterone boosters. Testosterone is a hormone that is essential for muscle growth and maintenance. However, aging can cause our body’s testosterone levels to drop, causing side effects like weight gain. 

Keep in mind that Anabolic Steroids can boost your testosterone levels, but they are illegal and cost negative side effects on your body. Instead, look for supplements that naturally boost the production of your body’s testosterone. These supplements are a much safer option than Anabolic Steroids.


If you are an adult aged 40 or above, you may also want to take a look into Multivitamin supplements. These supplements may help in keeping your body healthy. Multivitamins can also give the necessary nutrients in your body that you may not get in a normal diet.

Weight Loss Supplements

Another factor that may prevent you from building muscles is weight gain. Constant diet and exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy weight. However, if you find yourself not losing weight even after a healthy diet and exercise, it may be due to aging or slow metabolism. 

One common ingredient you can find in Weight Loss Supplements is Capsaicin, which can promote weight loss. Weight Loss supplements may also help improve your metabolism and give you extra energy during a workout.

Is it Stackable?

When it comes to post-workout and pre-workout supplements, it helps to know whether they are stackable with other supplements. Using multiple stackable supplements can help improve your overall results.

No additives or GMO

When choosing a muscle-building supplement, you also have to take a look at whether it has any harmful filters or additives. Take a look into the ingredients and research them carefully before buying any supplement. 

Additives or GMO may cause risks to your health. Aside from this, you should also take a look at whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients before purchasing.


Different Supplements cater to different age groups. You should always take a look if the supplement is suitable for your age. Other brands also offer different kinds of supplements for all age groups, making them suitable for everyone.

FAQs About Supplements That Increase Muscle Mass

Below are some of the most common questions you may have when buying muscle-building supplements.

Q. Are Muscle Mass Supplements safe?

Most Muscle Mass Supplements are safe to take if you are healthy and have no underlying medical conditions. However, always ask your doctor before adding the supplement to your diet to avoid any health risks.

Q. Are Muscle Mass Supplements Legal?

Natural Muscle Mass Supplements are legal. However, you should avoid anabolic steroids and HGH shots. Artificially supplementing testosterone and HGH in your body can cause serious health risks. Aside from this, these substances are illegal and can only be used with the supervision of a medical professional.

Q. When Should I Take Muscle Mass Supplements?

It depends on the supplement you are taking. Pre-workout supplements work best when taken fifteen to thirty minutes before a workout. These supplements work by increasing your energy and helping your train more during workouts. 

Other types of supplements do not necessarily need to be taken before working out. Always follow the recommended dosages to get the best results.

Q. Are there any Side Effects?

Natural Muscle Mass Supplements do not cause any health risks. However, some minor side effects like sleeplessness may occur. This effect is due to the caffeine content of most supplements, which is used to boost your energy levels. 

If you are sensitive to caffeine, we recommend that you avoid taking the supplement before bedtime. Other supplements that boost your body’s growth hormone may also help in improving the quality of your sleep.

Q. How to Boost Muscle Growth?

The most important part when it comes to building muscles is getting enough protein while doing strength training. Lifting weights constantly and maintaining a healthy weight is a great start to boosting muscle growth. 

You can also add muscle-building supplements and whey protein shakes to your diet. These supplements may help promote muscle growth and give you results in a shorter amount of time.

Q. Does Muscle Mass Supplements help improve Libido?

Not all muscle mass supplements focus on improving your libido. However, supplements that boost your testosterone levels may help improve your libido and sexual function. These supplements may also help reverse the effects of low testosterone levels. 

Testosterone boosting supplements are suitable for older men because they may help in decreasing fatigue and improving their energy levels.


Constant training and a healthy diet are necessary for building muscles. However, most bodybuilders and professionals often rely on muscle-building supplements to get better results in a shorter amount of time.

We highly recommend adding TestoPrime to increase natural production of testosterone in your body. 

These muscle-building supplements may help increase your energy levels, boost your testosterone levels and help with muscle recovery. Always consult your doctor and do your research before adding any supplement to your diet.


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