Boxing calisthenics workout for strength and stamina

Boxers are some of the best sculpted people who walk the earth, except that not only do they look fierce, but they can do more than they look. Boxing is a dangerous sport and requires not only being strong but also incredible muscle and cardiovascular endurance.

In this article, we’re going to dive into a strength training routine inspired by a typical boxing workout that will help you gain muscle, lose weight, and improve your overall strength and conditioning routine.

The workout

This workout is an EMOM workout that only includes your own body weight. The only equipment you will need is a pull-up bar and dip bar. If you don’t have a dip bar, you can just do a few chair dips.

If you are unfamiliar with EMOM, it is on the minute for every minute. The way it works is you set a stopwatch and once it starts you go downstairs to do your set.

For example, suppose you exit the 40 second mark, which means you only have 20 seconds to rest, because as soon as the clock hits the minute mark, you leave again. When you hit the 30-second mark for the next set, you have 30 seconds to rest before the watch hits the minute mark again. Hence every minute to the minute.

In this case, 5 sentences correspond to 5 minutes.

Here is the workout:

5 sets of pushups

5 sets of pull-ups

5 sets of dips

5 sets of leg raises

5 sets of squats

5 minutes jumping rope (straight)

This is a full body workout designed to help increase your heart rate and get your muscles going. Not only is each exercise a compound movement in itself, but the entire workout literally affects every muscle in your body. Nothing is left behind in training like this.

Why do boxers train like this?

The reason boxing strength training consists mostly of calisthenics is because your body needs to be both strong and enduring. Fighters also can’t build too much muscle, so they need to build muscle without gaining too much weight or getting too tight.

Everything about fighting has to involve functional strength. Because calisthenic exercises are compound movements done with high repetitions, fighters can gain strength and endurance in the same workout.

Time and energy are limited in a day, especially if you train like a fighter or have a busy schedule. Because of this, this is a very efficient workout for achieving multiple goals in one.

It will work if you work

Try this routine for at least a month and see how you feel and look after it. This routine can be done daily and you can take days off as needed. If you can drive 3 days in a row then do it, if you can drive 7 days in a row that’s perfectly fine too.

But if you feel sore or just burned out, take a day off as needed. As long as you also supplement with good eating habits, with this workout you are sure to be leaned out and shredded. Try it for 30 days!

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