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Bryson DeChambeau invests in Mark Wahlberg’s Supp Firm, Efficiency Impressed

You could say that Mark Wahlberg is most at home when he’s training. His inner drive is genetically determined and by some standards borderline obsessed – but that’s why the man is so successful. Earlier, he spoke to Men’s Journal about his daily routine and said, “Breakfast is at 3:45 am, I work out at 4 am, 5 am is prayers, and I play golf at 6 am.” So it was only natural to him to get personally involved in dietary supplements. Enter Performance Inspired.

What better way to maximize recovery and profits than to be directly involved in optimizing pre-workouts, BCAAs, creatine, and bars? From the very beginning, Wahlberg adopted a startup mentality to research the competition and reach out to the distributors (you can read all about his journey into the supplement business here). His partner, Tom Dowd, worked for GNC for 25 years and was involved in extensive product development. His expertise and Wahlberg’s determination to offer clean, natural products to everyone from sports students to weekend warriors made PI a success.

Now they welcome a new owners union with pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau. He will take an active leadership role in shaping PI’s product line and work with Wahlberg to inspire others to lead healthier lifestyles through fitness and nutrition. (We foresee a lot of brainstorms during a round of golf.)

“The PI team has developed a full line of natural, clean products that you can trust. I was drawn to their products by their dedication to quality,” DeChambeau said in a press release. “I look forward to helping them develop more products and introducing healthy options to the golf and fitness community. Everyone is looking for healthy options on the course and at home, and I can’t wait to inspire others to improve their golf fitness and overall health in the right ways! “

The hope is to develop a strategy for “golf fitness” that is largely influenced by DeChambeau. (If you’ve followed his 40-pound bulk-up, you know why.) DeChambeau has caused quite a stir since his upgrade – prioritizing strength, flexibility, and nutrition – and averaged 322 meters of the ball. He finished the 2020 PGA Tour season as the longest batsman in professional golf history. If it looks like DeChambeau and Wahlberg are a match made in heaven, it’s because they are.

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