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Finest Food regimen Quiz: Is This Food regimen REALLY Working For You?

Is your current way of eating working for you?

and how do you know that?

Let’s say you are on a paleo or vegetarian diet.

Or maybe you practice mindful or intuitive eating.

Or, you can add carbs again after doing keto for a few weeks.

Or you can switch from strict calorie counting to use Hand portions.

How do you know if these efforts are REALLY paying off?

Yes, you can simply use the scale or your measurements as a guide. But that doesn’t say much about your energy levels, your ability to think clearly, or how you feel.

Neither does it tell you whether the benefits you notice outweigh the mental, physical, emotional, or social costs involved. Because even if dieting makes you super pumped or lean, it may or may not pay off if it means giving up nachos for the rest of your life.

(Check out this video to learn more about the type of cost we’re talking about.)

That’s why we created this quick and easy 16-question quiz.

It can help you decide whether to do what you do, make a few diet changes, or give up the approach altogether (ideally for something that works much better for you).

How and when you use the quiz will depend on your current eating habits. Think about which of the following statements describes you:

1. You wonder whether your status quo is okay.

Maybe you don’t have a particular diet at all. You just eat what you want, when you want. Does it work

Take the quiz now to find out.

2. You are thinking about starting a new diet.

Bookmark this page. (People still do that, right?) Start dieting and take notes of what you are eating, how you are feeling, and what problems or frustrations arise.

Come back after at least two weeks and take the quiz.

3. You recently started a new approach to eating or diet.

Maybe you’re counting macros, using hand servings, increasing whole foods, or something else.

If you’ve been in for at least two weeks, take the quiz now.

4. You have been following a diet or new approach for some time.

After many weeks or months (or years!) Ask yourself: Does this nutrition plan suit ALL of my needs? Can I stick to this plan long term and stay healthy, energetic and happy?

Take the quiz now to find out.

The self-assessment

Choose the number that best fits your agreement with the following statements.

On a scale from 1 (never) to 10 (always) mostly …

1. When I eat this way, I generally feel pretty good.

2. When I eat like this, I have reliable, sustained energy without falling.

3. I try to choose the best foods available.

4. This way of eating is easy and fits into my everyday life.

5. I know what types of foods to choose and eat.

6. I feel safe and able to cook and prepare food and meals.

7. When I eat like this, I rarely have problems with food cravings or the urge to overeat.

8. When I eat like this, I digest my food well.

9. I am productive and recovering well.

10. At social events, e.g. For example, when I go to a restaurant with friends, I almost always find something that I enjoy and feel good about eating.

11. I enjoy the taste and experience of what I eat.

12. I feel calm and relaxed about my food choices. It’s not a big deal, just part of my life.

13. The way I eat matches my specific health, fitness, and performance goals.

14. The way I eat measurably helps me achieve my goals.

15. The way I eat reflects my deeper values ​​or the way I want to live.

16. Even if other people pressure me to do something else, or if my way of eating does not match those around me, I can still follow my own pointers or goals.

Total score: – –

128 and higher: Crushing it!

This way of eating works wonderfully for you. Keep doing your thing

104 to 127: That is very promising.

Overall, your eating experiment is going well. You could consider some small changes, but it looks like you’re headed in the right direction.

80-103: Mixed results.

This approach may work for you in some areas, and you will likely have problems in others. See if you can make improvements that will make the feeling more lasting.

Less than 80: That doesn’t work for you.

Based on this assessment, there are some problems. But don’t feel bad about it. Instead, think of this as an experiment that helped you understand something important: This approach to eating may not be right for you – at least not for now.

Where are you going from here That ultimately depends on you.

Success depends on a plan that you can stick to consistently and that has compromises that you are happy with. (To learn more about what we mean by compromise, read the following: The cost of getting lean.)

With that in mind, you could opt for:

Find out about other diets.

You might want to learn:

Or maybe you just want to follow a balanced diet that allows you to consume a wide range of foods – with no harsh exclusions. (In that case, use our nutrition calculator and look at the “Everything Diet”.)

Get a custom plan.

Plug your data into the Precision Nutrition Calculator. This FREE Macro Calculator gives you a customized plan based on your personal dietary preferences and goals.

Make a small change.

For example you could:

Whether you make a big change or a small one, keep an experimental mindset. Try something that might work for you. Test it out for a couple of weeks. Use the above tool to evaluate how it went – and move on from there.

Over time, you will stick with some strategies and throw others overboard.

Eventually, you will find the best diet for you.

If you are or want to be a trainer …

Learning how to coach clients, patients, friends, or family members through healthy eating and lifestyle changes – in ways that are tailored to their unique bodies, preferences, and circumstances – is both an art and a science.

If you want to learn more about both of them, drag the Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. The next group will start shortly.

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