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Heat pear-baked French toast

This warm pear baked French toast is made with thick and hearty slices of bread that come out with browned tips and crispy edges without getting damp.

Pears – Seasonal autumn fruit

I love to watch my trees suddenly change from green to orange-red. Autumn is really my favorite time of year. Pumpkins, gourds, apples, and pears are some of my favorite autumn things. I love cooking my meals all year round. I find that I can save money by shopping with what is harvested, especially if you are able to source produce locally. My neighbor has just picked all of her pears and they are spilling on her kitchen counter. I thought this would be the perfect fall food to cook and blog about that afternoon.

How to make warm pear french toast casserole

Start by arranging bread slices in 9X13 in a baking dish. I was able to get 8 slices into my baking dish. I had to resolve some of them a bit. Next, whisk together the milk, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and salt. Pour over the bread, place in the fridge and let stand overnight. I also peeled and sliced ​​3 ripe pears and put them in a snap lock and then in the fridge so it wouldn't take that long in the morning. All preparations and clutter are done, now you can sit back and relax.

Brown the next morning at 375 degrees, about 25-35 minutes. If you haven't peeled and sliced ​​your pears yet, do so while you are in the oven. If you did the night before, take them out of the fridge and then warm a small pan with a little coconut or olive oil and add your pears to heat them up. Serve French toast with warmed pears and maple syrup, and leftover pears.

Baked French toast with caramelized pear and syrup on a gray background.

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Baked French toast with caramelized pear and syrup on a gray background.

8th Discs french bread3/4 Cup milk4th big egg1 teaspoon cinnamon1 teaspoon Vanilla extract1/4 teaspoon Salt-

Serve with

4th medium Pears1 tablespoon butter1/4 Cup honey

Arrange slices of bread in a 9 × 13-inch greased baking dish. If they don't fit, tear the bread into pieces. Whisk the milk, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and salt together. Pour bread over. Cover and put in the fridge and let stand overnight.

Bake for 25-35 minutes at 375 degrees or until brown.

While the French toast is baking, peel and slice. Spray cooking spray on a pan and add butter. When the butter has melted, pour the honey into it and stir. Add pear slices and cook over medium heat until caramelized on which side, 5-7 minutes.

Serve French toast with warm pears and sauce.

Calories: 306kcal | Carbohydrates: 52G | Protein: 12G | Fat: 6thG | Saturated fatty acids: 2G | Cholesterol: 127mg | Sodium: 355mg | Fiber: 7thG | Sugar: 24G

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