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Here’s what to drink after your workout

You just entered the miles on the treadmill or the reps on the squat rack. After going through a killer session, your post-workout fuel is important. You’re probably inclined to have a sports drink, but what if we say milk is the superior post-workout drink?

“Gatorade inhibits fat oxidation because it contains a type of carbohydrate that blocks the metabolic pathways involved in fat loss in muscle,” said Philip Chilibeck, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. “Meanwhile, the calcium and protein levels in milk stimulate these metabolic pathways to break down fats.”

In Chilibeck’s new study published in Nutrition Research, he found athletes who drank skimmed milk after a hard evening workout burned more fat the next morning.

So if Gatorade inhibits fat breakdown in muscles while the calcium and protein in milk stimulate it, then skimmed milk seems like the obvious choice after a workout, doesn’t it? In addition, Gatorade’s higher sugar content increases glucose levels, which has a negative impact on high blood pressure and diabetes. The higher protein in milk offsets this effect.

Even so, sports drinks have their time and place: If you’re not a milk lover, lactose intolerant, or leave your gym bag in the hot car while you’re out on the trails (spoiled milk, no thanks), Gatorade will help you manage lost fluids and electrolytes as well as substituting skimmed milk.

Try adding it to your morning smoothies or protein shakes.

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