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High 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner ( soups, salads and desserts included )

Most Diabetics generally struggle to find that perfect recipe of their favorite foods that will help them keep sugar levels at bay. Here are some tasty and very healthy, Indian diabetic recipes for lunch and dinner. We have recipes of soups, salads, and desserts for diabetes.


Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner:

Onion Methi Thalipith:

Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner



Bajra flour                   15 gms

Whole wheat flour      15 gms

Rajgira Flour               15 gms

Salt                              to taste

Fenugreek leaves         2 tablespoon

Onion (Chopped)        50 gms

Ginger garlic Paste      ¼ teaspoon

Red chili Powder       ¼ teaspoon

Turmeric Powder        ¼ teaspoon

Curd                            1 tablespoon

Oil                               2 teaspoons


Mix all the flours, seasonings, curd, chopped onions, and fenugreek leaves and make a dough out of it.Roll out 2 medium-sized thalipiths.Brush the pan with oil and roast it on a non-stick pan till it becomes golden brown and crisp.Serve hot with green chutney or curd.Read about Benefits of methi seedsDal methi recipe. Extremely beneficial in diabetes.


Low-fat Tofu Veggie Shawarma:

Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner

 Ingredients For Shawarma:

Whole Wheat flour                 30 gms

Salt                                          to taste

Oil                                           ½ teaspoon

 Ingredients For Filling:

Tofu                                        50 gms

Coloured bell peppers             100 gms

Onions                                     25 gms

Salt                                          to taste

Chat Masala                            ¼ teaspoon

Green chili – 1 no.

 Ingredients For Sauce:

Hung curd                               50 gms

Red chili sauce                       ½ teaspoon

Salt                                          to taste

Turmeric                                  a pinch


Take whole wheat flour, salt, and oil and make dough out of it. Cover it with a damp cloth and keep it aside.Shred the tofu, bell peppers, and onions and mix it. Add salt, chopped green chilies and chat masala in the mixture.Take hung curd, salt, red chili sauce, and prepare the marinade for the above mixture.Marinate the mixture of tofu and veggies and keep it aside for half-hour.Sauté the marinated mixture in a non-stick pan till the water burns to leave the mixture dry.Heat the tawa and make a tortilla out of it and roast one side properly.Pour and spread the mixture on the roasted side of the tortilla. Roll the tortilla and roast it on tawa till golden brown.Cut the shawarma into two pieces and serve it hot with green chutney.Tofu can be replaced with chicken, mushrooms, or paneer.


Barley and Red bean Salad

Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner ( soups, salads and desserts included )


Barley (soaked and boiled)    ¼ cup gms

Rajma (soaked and boiled)     ¼ cup

Cherry tomatoes                      50 gms

Broccoli (parboiled)               50 gms

Lettuce                                    4 – 5 leaves

Onions                                     25 gms

Olive oil                                  10 gms

Mixed herbs                            ¼ teaspoon

Salt                                          to taste



Soak barley red and beans or rajma for overnight and pressure cook it. Add some salt while cooking.Cut and parboil the broccoli.Chop onions and lettuce. Cut cherry tomatoes into two.Mix all the ingredients and toss it thoroughly.Mix olive oil, mixed herbs and salt, and mix.Garnish the salad with cilantro and serve.

French Onion Soup

Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner ( soups, salads and desserts included )


Onion (chopped)         100 gms

Garlic (chopped)         2 – 3 pods

Salt                              to taste

Olive oil                      1 teaspoon

Celery  (chopped)        1 tablespoon

Water                          to get the desired consistency



Chop the onions and sauté in a non-stick pan till the onions caramelize.Onions once cooled, blend it in a blender and keep it aside.Take a saucepan and sauté chopped garlic till it becomes golden brown.Add onion paste and stir it continuously for a minute.Add salt and water as required.Simmer the soup for 5 minutes and before serving add celery leaves in the soup.Serve the soup hot

7 days Indian diet plan for diabetics :

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Quinoa Apple Phirni:

Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner ( soups, salads and desserts included )


Quinoa                                                2 tablespoons

Milk                                                     250 ml

Apple (Stewed and Chopped)            2 tablespoons

Artificial sweetener (optional)            1 teaspoons

Almonds (chopped)                            1 tablespoon

Kesar                                                   1 – 2 strands

Elaichi powder                                    1 pinch

Nutmeg powder                                  1 pinch



Boil quinoa in an open vessel and strain the water.Add milk to quinoa and boil the milk till it becomes half.Keep stirring the mixture continuously.Once the mixture becomes half add stewed apple, almonds, elaichi and nutmeg powder and mix well.Add Kesar strands and artificial sweetener if required.Boil the phirni for a minute and serve the phirni hot.


Poha Dhokla:

Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner ( soups, salads and desserts included )


Poha (Red or Brown Rice)     1 Cup

Curd                                        ½ cup

Groundnuts                             1 tablespoon

Curry leaves                            6 – 10 leaves

Mustard seeds                         ½ teaspoon

Chilli flakes                             ½ teaspoon

Oil                                           1 teaspoon

Salt                                          to taste



Roast the poha and groundnut separately and keep it aside.Take a mixing bowl and mix poha, curd, salt and groundnut. Add water till you get thick pouring consistency.Grease a baking tray or steel plate and pour the mixture in the plate.Take a steamer and boil the water. Once water is boiled keep the plate with the mixture in the steamer and let it steam for 15 minutes.Once the dhoklas are made, remove the dish from the steamer and cut into pieces.Heat the oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds, curry leaves and chilli flakes.Pour the curry leaves and mustard on the dhoklas and serve it hot with green chutney.


Chicken/ Paneer flaxseed Paratha

Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner ( soups, salads and desserts included )

Ingredients For the dough:

Multigrain flour                       30 gms

Butter                                      1 teaspoon

Salt                                          to taste

Oil                                           ½ teaspoon

Ingredients For the filling:

Chicken or paneer                   50 gms

Flaxseeds (roasted)                 1 teaspoon

Salt                                          to taste

Ginger garlic paste                  ½ teaspoon

Green chilies chopped            1 no.

Garam masala                          ¼ teaspoon



Make a semi-soft dough using its ingredients.For filling boil and grate the chicken or if you are using paneer just grate the paneer.Take a mixing bowl and prepare the filling. Mix chicken/ paneer, roasted flaxseeds, salt, ginger garlic paste, green chilies, and garam masala.Make a roti out of the dough and place the filling in the center.Wrap the filling and roll the dough into a parathaRoast the paratha on both sides till golden brown and apply butter on the top.Serve hot parathas with curd or green chutney.



Green Chia Smoothie:



Lettuce                        ¼ cup

Dudhi                          ¼ cup

Cucumber                    ½ no.

Baby Spinach              6 – 10 leaves

Celery (chopped)        1 tablespoon

Pink salt                      ¼ teaspoon

Ginger                         1 inch piece

Cinnamon powder      A pinch

Soaked chia seeds       1 tablespoon



Blend all the ingredients in a smoothie blender or a mixer.Put chia seeds and celery in a glass and then pour the smoothie in the glass.Serve chilled.


Veggie Waterchestnut Appam


Water chestnut flour                          100 gms

Curd                                                    2 tablespoon

Garlic (chopped)                                 1 – 2 cloves

Salt                                                      to taste

Coriander leaves (chopped)                1 tablespoon

Capsicum                                            50 gms

Onion                                                  50 gms

Tomatoes                                             50 gms

Chopped green chilies 1 no.

Oil                                                       for greasing



Mix all the ingredients and keep it aside for half an hour.Heat the appam pan and grease it with oil.Put 1 tablespoon of mixture in each compartment of the appam pan.Roast the appam on both the sides till it turns into golden brown in colour.Serve it hot with tomato or green chutney.


Nachni / Ragi  Spring Dosa


Ingredients For Filling:

Coloured Capsicum (chopped)           100 gms

Zucchini grated                                   50 gms

Oregano                                              ¼ teaspoon

Salt                                                      to taste

Garlic (grated)                                     2 – 3 pods

Celery (chopped)                                1 tablespoon

Ginger (grated)                                   ½ teaspoon

Onion greens (chopped)                      50 gms

Oil                                                       15 gms

Parsley                                                 1 tablespoon


For Dosa:

Nachni flour                                        ½ cup

Rawa                                                   2 teaspoons

Salt                                                      to taste

Buttermilk                                           As required




For filling:

Heat oil in the pan and saute chopped garlic and ginger.Add chopped capsicum, zucchini, and onion greens and saute for a minute.Add oregano, salt, and celery and cook till veggies are just cooked.Garnish it with parsley and keep it aside.

For Dosa:

Take nachni flour and rawa and add buttermilk to get the desired consistency of the batter.Add salt and mix thoroughly and keep aside for half an hour

To assemble:

Heat the dosa pan and make a big nachni dosa.Spread the veggies mixture over the dosa and let it roast till it is crisp.Roll the dosa and keep it on the plate.Now cut the dosas into 4 – 5 pieces and serve hot with hot sambar or rasam.



Hope these Top 10 Indian Diabetic Recipes for Lunch and Dinner. Soups, salads, and desserts included help you in planning your day ahead. We have some more amazing recipes for diabetes, do have a look.


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