High volume arm training

If you want to give your arms a workout like no other, try this high volume arm workout routine! Some experts say intensity makes your arms grow and others say it is exercise volume, but to get the best of both worlds, this routine was designed for both of you. We must warn you that this arm workout is not for you if you cannot tolerate pain well, as the pain is high due to the overall volume and lactic acid build-up.

You know what they’re saying, simple and effective don’t go together.

The high-volume arm training

1. Start with a superset of dips and pull-ups for 5 sets of 3 reps each.
2. Proceed to barbell curls for (as many) sets as possible. *
3. Do prone triceps extensions for (as many) sets as possible. *
4. Alternately do dumbbell-hammer curls for (as many as possible) sets. *
5. Finish using overhead cable tricep extensions for (as many as possible) sets. *

* To determine the number of reps you should be doing, make sure you start with half your best set of 8 reps (half of your 8 rpm). For example, if you can do 100 pounds of 8 reps in good shape, it would be 50 pounds. If you’re starting out with a weight lighter than 50 pounds, add five pounds for every set you do. If you’re starting over 50, add 10 pounds. Do six reps with your starting weight, then enter the added weight asap. Then do 6 more repetitions and keep doing this for as many sets as possible. When you get to failure, you lose the weight the same way you did when you add it – five or ten pounds less per set. Keep going until you reach your starting weight, doing six repetitions at a time. Let’s also take a closer look at the exercises.

1. Dips

Reach for the dip bars with your arms fully extended and locked in place. Your body should be as straight vertical as possible to put all of the pressure on your triceps instead of your chest. Your legs should be directly under you when the dip bars are high enough. If not, bend them and lock them so they don’t interfere with your exercise. Keep your elbows by your sides as you bend them as you lower yourself until your upper arms are completely parallel to the floor. Press in the dip bars as hard as you can and lift your body upward.

2. Pull-ups

Use an underhand grip here to grab the chin-up bar. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart and hang down from the bar with your arms outstretched, but also keep your chest as high as possible while emphasizing the arch on your lower back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull them up – pull your lats together until the bottom of your chin goes over the bar. Make sure your muscles are contracted for a second or two before going back to the beginning.

Do these two exercises as a superset with as much effort as possible. If you can, lift more weight. Rest two minutes after each superset for best results.

3. Barbell curls

Your knees should be bent slightly and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Grab a barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart while holding an underhand grip. The bar should be roughly level with your thighs, which means you need to keep your abs clenched and your elbows immobile. Without rocking back and forth, twist the bar in an arc that ends on your shoulders and squeeze your biceps while it takes you a second to pause. Then carefully put the bar back in its previous starting position and repeat the process.

4. Lying triceps extensions

For this exercise, you need to lie on a flat bench with your chest and face up and your feet on the floor. Take a barbell and hold it over your chest with your arm outstretched. While holding the barbell like this, hold your upper arm completely and only move your elbows. Lower the barbell to your forehead and then back up.

5. Alternating dumbbell-hammer curls

Bend your knees a little and position your feet about as wide as your hips and parallel. While holding a neutral grip, grab two dumbbells and let them hang by your sides. Roll the dumbbell in your left arm up to your shoulder and keep the neutral grip constant. When you are at the top of the movement, take a second to pause, then bring the weight back to its original position in a controlled and gentle manner. Do the same with the other arm, counting one rep on each side as a single rep.

6. Overhead cable triceps extensions

Stand next to a tall pulley with a rope and look at your back. Grasp the rope behind your dome neutrally and lean forward a little with your upper body. Your elbows should be positioned next to your ears and your forearms should be at a 90-degree angle. When doing overhead cable tricep extensions, make sure you only move your elbows forward and lift the weight without adding muscle strength. Move them forward until your arm is fully extended, and then back again.

Finally, you should know that this is maximal effort workout, but it also yields the best benefits possible. Not only that, but it depends on your feedback – you can stop if it gets too difficult. If you want to grow your arms, definitely try this workout at least once a week, or if you want to get big arms, try twice a week.

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