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Indian Model of the Sirtfood Food regimen Plan for Weight Loss (Adele’s Weight Loss Plan)

Weight Loss Lightning Fast? Is that even possible? That would be so fascinating … just imagine a few days of hard work and you will get the results you want. The newest talk in town is the sirtfood diet. The sirtfood diet was discovered by the clinical nutritionist in Europe. It is becoming the favorite diet of today’s generation due to the consideration of red wine and dark chocolate. Even more so, because famous celebrity Adele lost an incredible amount of weight on the sirtfood diet. No wonder people are calling it Adele’s weight loss plan. Here is an Indian version of the sirtfood diet plan for weight loss.

What is Sirtfood Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

This diet emphasizes the use of “sirtfoods”. These are antioxidants that help slow aging, increase metabolism, and reduce inflammation in the body. All of this in turn helps with the direct or indirect burning of body fat.

How the Sirtfood Diet Plan Helps You Lose Weight: (Science Behind The SIRT 1 Gene)

The sirtfoods activate the sirtuin 1 gene, which increases the metabolism. (Research). With a high metabolism, the body breaks down body fat for fuel. The SirT 1 gene is said to suppress appetite, which contributes to further weight loss. The calorie restriction along with the addition of sirtfood will help you lose those extra pounds faster. The SirT 1 gene regulates a number of goals involved in lipid metabolism in various tissues. Here is a self-explanatory diagram of how the sirt gene works in the body. Image courtesy of the National Center for Biotechnology.

Expected Weight Loss on a Sirtfood Diet Plan:

The researchers claim that the sirtfood diet alone in Phase 1 helps shed nearly 3kg.

Indian version of the sirtfood diet plan for weight loss

The sirtfood diet is followed in phases. You have to include the “sirt foods” in your daily diet and at the same time reduce your calorie intake. Such foods include oranges, dark chocolates, parsley, turmeric, kale, and even red wine.

The sirtfood diet consists of two phases:

Phase 1: This phase lasts seven days. For the first three days, you need to consume green juice from Sirtfood three times a day. Together with the juice that replaces most of your meals, you can have a sirtfood-rich meal. The only requirement for this meal is that it must be less than 1000 kcal. After these three days, on the fourth day, reduce your green juice intake to twice a day. You are given permission to divide the sirtfood-rich food meal into 2 meals, whereby you can consume a total of 1500 kcal per day. This continues until the seventh day.

Phase 2: From the eighth day you enter the second phase. This phase is known as the maintenance phase. This is almost 2 weeks long. Every day you have to consume the sirtfood-rich meals three times and a sirtfood-green juice. These 14 days will help you further reduce weight.

List of foods allowed in the sirtfood diet:

Grain: Wheat buck (kuttu)Proteins: Soy, lean chicken, egg whitesNuts: Walnuts, Medjool datesFruit: Blueberries, green apple, strawberries, citrus fruitsVegetables: Kale, arugula, parsley, celery, onionsOil: Extra virgin olive oilSpices: turmericAdditional food: Cocoa chocolate, green tea, red wine, coffee

List of foods that need to be restricted:

Refined flours, refined sugars, processed foods, junk food sugar beverages

You can also include vegetables, in addition to those mentioned below, the calories of which are almost negligible.

The recipe for green juice from Sirtfood:

Green juice is a blended juice that contains a calculated amount of sirtfood-rich ingredients. This juice helps to ignite the body’s metabolism and burn more fats. Let’s see what ingredients are needed for the juice.

Indian version of the sirtfood diet plan for weight loss



Mix all the ingredients in a blender except for the lemon and matcha green tea. Once the juice is squeezed smoothly into the lemon and matcha green tea powder is added before serving. When arugula is not available, any other leafy green vegetable that is readily available in our Indian households can be used

Disadvantages and side effects of the sirtfood diet:

The use of seasonal foods makes it a little difficult to follow. The permitted foods may not be readily available in some parts of India. It’s a challenge when you have to travel as you have to carry your own groceries. The use of exotic foods make it a bit expensive. The diet is limited in protein. Therefore, long-term use of this diet is not possible as it can lead to some nutrient deficiency. A lack of protein leads to muscle loss, which contributes to weight loss and also decreases the body’s metabolism. There is a possibility of a lack of essential vitamins. as well as minerals if you follow this diet for a long time. Overuse of matcha tea may not be suitable for everyone. The daily consumption of wine and dark chocolate is also not necessary. Initial weight loss may be just water loss, which is regained if you follow a normal, routine diet. Side effects of a sirtfood diet plan may include fatigue, nausea, mental dysfunction, or headache due to very fewer calories in the first phase of the diet.

How to overcome the disadvantage and take full advantage of the diet?

Let the certified dietitian follow you closely. Follow the diet closely. Follow a proper maintenance diet according to requirements and professional recommendations. Give yourself regular exercise that will help you lose weight and increase your metabolism

Indian Version of the Sirtfood Diet Plan for Weight Loss Sample Diet

Phase 1: Day 1 – 3

Breakfast: 1 glass of sirtfood green juice

Having lunch: 3 no. Buckwheat flour and kale Chilla +

Soy milk quark and onion rraita +

2 inch ball Medjool dates as well as walnut laddu (no sugar) +

1 cup of green salad

Snack: 1 glass of sirtfood green juice

Dinner: 1 glass of sirtfood green juice

Phase 1: Days 4 – 7

Breakfast: 1 glass of sirtfood green juice

Having lunch: 2 no. Buckwheat paratha with soy and onion filling +

Kale Garlic Chutney +

1 cup of soy / coconut milk curd

Snack: 1 glass of sirtfood green juice

Dinner: 1 glass of soy milk, date and walnut smoothie with buckwheat muesli and strawberry pieces

Maintenance diet: Day 8 to 21

Breakfast: 2 buckwheat and strawberry pancakes with dark chocolate and Medjool date sauce

Having lunch: 2 buckwheat chapati + 1 cup of green vegetables + 1 no boiled egg white or ½ cup of grilled tofu

Snacks: 1 glass of Sirftfood green juice

Dinner: 1 cup of vegetables buckwheat khichdi + tomato soup + 2 small no. Kale chicken / tofu rolls

Note: In both phases you can drink a sip of water or spiced tea between meals

Final grade:

Sirtfood diet can help in the initial pursuit of weight loss. Once you see the result you want, try following a balanced diet along with appropriate exercise for long-term positive results. You can include ingredients for the sirtfood diet in your diet at any time to further activate fat loss.

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