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Meals and Indian weight-reduction plan chart for Quick Weight acquire in infants (Methods to enhance immunity in child)

The weight and immunity of the baby are two major concerns of every mother. It is crucial to aim for a balanced diet that can offer a good amount of nutrition to your child. Good nutrition is necessary for growth and to build immunity. So if you are one of those mommies who want to know about Top foods and Indian diet chart for fast weight gain in babies and How to increase immunity in baby, then you are at the right place.


Top Foods for Fast Weight Gain in Babies:

You will observe that in the initial few months, your baby grows up really fast. With each passing month, there will be an increase in your baby’s height and weight. So you must ensure that your baby is well-fed, gets enough sleep, and vaccinated according to the schedule. In the first 6 months, your baby should be exclusively breastfed. Eventually, after 6 months you can introduce liquids and then semi-solid foods to your baby’s diet regime.

Here are some of the best foods that you can include in your baby’s weight gain diet plan.


Breast Milk:

As mentioned above, your baby should take breast milk during the first 6 months. Breast milk is easily digestible, balanced, nutritious and the healthiest superfood which helps build immunity in your baby. Breast milk contains all nutrients like iron, vitamins, fluoride, mineral supplements, water, and multivitamins required for the overall development of your baby.

Fruits And Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables contain immunity-building minerals. These are a must in your child’s diet. Fruits like apple, papaya, and banana can be included as a snack. Vegetables like sweet potato, carrots, spinach and green peas, are all nutritious and high in dietary fiber. You can give these veggies in pureed form or like soup. They have their own unique sweet taste which your child will slow;y adapt.


Pulses contain a lot of nutrients like calcium, proteins, iron, potassium, fiber, and magnesium. After 6 months, it is a good idea to start dal water.  This can help with weight gain. Moong dal soup or khichdi are also great options for your baby. These pulses are easily digestible and provide fiber.

Nachni/ Ragi:

This superfood is rich in fiber, iron, proteins, vitamin B1, B2, and calcium which is needed for healthy development and weight gain of your baby. Ragi can also strengthen the immune system of your baby. It can be given in the form of porridge, idli, cereals, or dosa. Read – Benefits of Ragi.


Oats contain immense fiber, calcium, proteins, iron, zinc, and magnesium. It is a wholesome food that can keep your baby satiated and improve digestion power. You can offer oats porridge, oats dosa, pancakes, oats cookies, or oats kheer to your baby as a healthy breakfast option.

Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, figs, and walnuts are energy-dense and can provide adequate nutrients required to gain weight in babies. You can include them in powdered form in milk or cereals. Dry fruit ladoo can be given with milk to older babies. Start by introducing dry fruits in small amounts and gradually increase it as your baby grows. But check with any allergies.


The powerhouse of nutrition- eggs contain a good amount of iron, proteins, fats, necessary vitamins, and minerals that can help in healthy growth and development of your baby. After 8 months, eggs can be given in boiled or scrambled form to your baby. But keep a check on any allergic reaction and consult your doctor on an immediate basis.

Paneer / (छेना):

Paneer is best for weight gain and it can provide nutrients such as calcium, selenium, and phosphorus that can give crucial nourishment required for proper physical growth and development. You can mash it and sprinkle some organic jaggery on it, or mix some pomegranate seeds it chopped apple for older babies.

Homemade Ghee:

Homemade ghee that is prepared from cream or milk has nutritional value. It is one of the best foods for a healthy weight gain for your baby. You can introduce it after the 8th month but in moderation as excess can upset your baby’s tummy. You can add a tsp or 2 in mashed khichdi, porridge, or dal soup.


The best time to add yogurt in your baby’s diet is once the baby turns one. It can provide nutritious calories and fat which can help in healthy weight gain. It can also increase immunity, improve digestion, and help to keep away from gastric troubles. Yogurt being a good source of proteins and fats can help in brain development. You can add pieces of fruit to it for natural sweetness or make yogurt smoothies.

Month Wise Weaning Food chart for Fast Weight Gain in Babies :


Food ItemTips for weight gain5 monthsDiluted JuiceUse orange, apple, and carrotsVegetable soupsCarrot,  bottle gourd, Tomato, Spinach (Palak), beetroot.6 monthsRice waterAdd homemade gheeBarley waterAdd homemade gheeThin dal/dal waterAdd homemade gheeMashed paneer / छेनाadd organic jaggeryWheat-based / rice-based cerelacHomemade/readymade and add 1 tsp ghee on itBoiled mashed potatoAdd a little bit of butter7th MonthRice and moong dal khichadiAdd 1 tsp gheeRawa porridgeUse homemade ghee and organic jaggeryRagi porridgeUse homemade ghee and organic jaggeryFinger food veggies like carrotsMashed Pumpkin  / Sweet potato8th and 9th monthDaliya porridgeAdd homemade ghee and jaggeryOats PorridgeAdd homemade ghee and jaggeryRajgeera porridgeAdd homemade ghee and jaggeryRawa UpamaMake thin like soupeggsstart from 8th or 9th month when you know a baby can digest10th MonthHigh residue fruits like mango and papayaMashed idli/dhokla Curd riceBanana milk shake / chikku milk sha ke1 year and aheadClear chicken soup very good for weight gainBoiled egg white and yolk

Mashed chicken pieces

 Mashed fish When the baby is ready


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Indian diet chart for Fast Weight gain in babies:

Here is a sample diet plan for fast weight gain in babies who are on top feeds,

Early Morning – Breast milk / Formula Milk/Cow’s milk

Breakfast– 1 bowl ragi porridge with a tsp of dry fruit mix

Mid-morning– 1 cup roasted paneer cubes/ 1 apple

Lunch– 1 methi paratha with a cup of homemade yogurt

Mid-evening– 1 cup boiled sweet potato cubes

Dinner– 1 bowl moong dal khichdi with a tsp of ghee


Tips for a healthy weight gain and immunity:

Make your baby’s mealtimes pleasant and interesting by keeping colorful cutlery and plates.Create regular and relaxed mealtimes. Do not force feed or put pressure on your baby. The key is to keep patience. If your baby refuses to eat, you can introduce food in some other way or some other day.Look out for any allergies that could develop from gluten, nuts, eggs, or milk. Consult your doctorOffer sufficient water and liquid foods to your baby. Thirst in between meals or at odd times of the day can be a sign of hunger.Slowly introduce new foods with your baby’s favorite foods at weekly intervals. Provide homemade meals rather than unhygienic or junk foods.Encourage your baby to indulge in small physical activities that can help to increase your baby’s appetite.Focus on healthy wholesome foods than foods high in fats.Include 1-2 drops of lemon in foods where possible.  you can also use orange slices as finger food.

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It is important to maintain healthy habits in your child than achieving a target weight. A wholesome and healthy diet will eventually build immunity and make your baby reach a healthy weight. If your baby is unable to put on the desired weight then try including the above-mentioned foods and follow the tips or consult your doctor. Hope this article on foods and Indian diet chart for fast weight gain in babies (How to increase immunity in baby).

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