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Miss out for dinner? This trick can make takeaway tastier

Take-out feeling a little lackluster now that it’s your pleasure to cook? Well, even a frozen dinner can taste better with the right ambience: New research has shown that relaxing background music (think Wynton Marsalis’ “Standards & Ballads”) played at around 30 decibels increases the enjoyment of meals by 60 Percent can increase compared to the typical noise of restaurant chatter. It’s a pretty quiet soundtrack – louder than rustling leaves, but quieter than chirping birds.

Another study in Food Quality and Preference magazine found that brighter lights produced more intense-tasting food for diners. Oh, and despite the MSG take-out freakout of the past (the additive is believed to cause a myriad of health problems), a recent report found no merit for so-called “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”.

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