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Pasta with mashed zucchini cream

An incredible amount of zucchini is coming from our garden right now, and I'm concentrating on using it. This means ignoring recipes that require small amounts of zucchini and focusing my attention on making things that can really affect the offer. Enter these simple noodles enriched with garlic. It uses two pounds of zucchini and is endlessly adaptable.

Pasta selection

I've used long, slim Bucatini pasta this time, but I enjoy this recipe with a wide variety of pasta shapes. It goes well with whole grain pasta or even some alternative lentil pasta. It is particularly good with structured, short noodles because the sauce and garlic zucchini pieces get stuck with every bite.
Pasta with mashed zucchini cream

Favorite adjustments

Once you have your smashed zucchini sauce and pasta as a base, you can take this in many different directions. We rounded it off with lots of halved cherry tomatoes and garlic bread crumbs instead of the sliced ​​almonds. The taste of sweet from the tomatoes along with the crispy crunch of breadcrumbs is great. Alternatively, you can improve the whole situation from a nutritional point of view by stirring in a handful of thinly sliced ​​kale that you have massaged with a little olive oil and lemon juice. You can also make an Asian-inspired broth version by adding more water to the zucchini, adding a pinch of favorite curry paste, and using rice noodles. Top with crispy, grilled or oven-roasted mushrooms and a dash of roasted sesame oil. Or just add a few drops of pesto to the smashed zucchini sauce to increase the summer basil factor.

Pasta with mashed zucchini cream

Other ways to consume zucchini

I like this super-fast, sautéed zucchini – similar to today's recipe, it is also extra garlicky and you get these beautiful brown pieces where the zucchini goes into the pan. You can also see it pictured over pasta, but I often enjoy it over quinoa or farro. And this is an oldie (released in 2010), but these quick pickled zucchini are always nice to have on hand.

Pasta with mashed zucchini cream

Other favorite pasta recipes are: this incredible vegan ramen, my favorite pad Thai, Sriracha Rainbow Pasta Salad, and black sesame otsu. Or browse this list of delicious ones Noodle soups!

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