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Plain sauteed zucchini

I saw a table in the market the other day, moaning under the weight of a mountain of summer squash. Pumpkin that looked like it was about to crawl into my basket. I felt sorry, grabbed a few, and headed home. I ended up using a few in a favorite sauteed zucchini recipe. It is pictured here served over a simple plate of spaghetti.

The sauteed zucchini? It’s a single pan thing. Zucchini coins are browned in a pan, but what makes it special is the toasted golden garlic slices combined with lots of fresh dill. Add a pinch of almonds to crunch and everything is good. It takes five minutes to cook in this case, and you can treat this as a side dish or use it as part of something else …
Easy sauteed zucchini recipe


I often cook a pan of the zucchini like this and then use it to top off a frittata. Or toss it with a plate of pasta. About Farro with some harissa-tipped vinaigrette? Not bad. Baked as a hand cake in a simple batter with a hint of goat cheese? Even better. Anyway, it’s really adaptable. And for those of you who don’t use a lot of dill in cooking … let me just say dill is underrated and underused. The more I cook with it, the more I love it – cross your fingers you like this spin as much as I do.

Easy sauteed zucchini recipe

Different types of zucchini

You can sauté almost any type of zucchini! Or a mix of zucchini / summer squash, as shown here. A pro tip – try to cut everything to the same 1/4 inch thickness. As for the shape – you can cut whole coins or half coins. You can cut zucchini across or diagonally and cut diagonally. Feel free to experiment!

Easy sauteed zucchini recipe

Other zucchini recipes!

If you have a lot of zucchini to cook with, be sure to try the pasta with crushed zucchini cream. It’s a real favorite, even better with homemade pasta! You can also use the simple sauteed zucchini here to make bruschetta or toss with gnocchi – so good! Maybe with a hint of pesto and some creamy, crumbly cheese? Yes, please.


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