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Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Bites

These raspberry frozen yogurt bites only need three ingredients, but sprinkled with sprinkles, they’re just as fun as they’re delicious! They make a delicious and healthy snack – but feel like a dessert!

There have been a few times in the craziness of last year that we would throw the rules out the window and have ice cream as a mid-morning snack. I know, I know. # Survival mode

While I don’t think it’s the end of the world to indulge yourself every now and then, my kids now think that ice cream is an acceptable choice at snack time. “But mom! Do you remember that? …” This is where these raspberry frozen yogurt bites come in and save the day.

Raspberry-frozen yoghurt with colorful sprinkles and fresh raspberries

Creamy, fruity, frozen little bites that mimic ice cream – but they’re full of healthy, nutritious ingredients that you’ll be just as excited to feed your kids as you eat them! I’ve even sprinkled some of them to make them even funnier and more enticing for my little eaters. How much fun are these for Valentine’s Day?

Top view of raspberry frozen yogurt bites with colorful sprinkles and fresh raspberries

How do you make frozen yogurt bites?

These couldn’t be easier to do. Simply stir the ingredients together, pour into a muffin pan and freeze! For this we used a silicone mold. This makes it super easy to get your frozen yogurt bites out. There are so many different shapes out there! We found some hearts that would be perfect for this one too!

Three raspberry frozen yoghurt snacks stacked and topped with fresh raspberries

Can you use different fruits in these raspberry frozen yogurt bites?

Absolutely! My kids love raspberries, and I love the bright pink color that gives these yogurt bites. But they also go great with strawberries, peaches or bananas. Yum! Raspberries fall apart pretty easily, so we only crushed them with a fork. If you plan to use these other fruits make sure you dice them up or flash them briefly in your food processor before adding them to your yogurt.

1 Cup Raspberries fresh or frozen2/3 Cup Greek yogurt, plain can also use vanilla1-2 TL Maple syrup

Put the yogurt in a medium bowl. If using plain yogurt, add maple syrup to taste and whisk the yogurt.

Pour the raspberries into the yogurt and break them open with a potato masher or fork (kids will love this step!)

After combining, you can put it in your muffin pan. I recommend using silicone to get them out easily. Add a drop of raspberry mixture to the bottom of each muffin bowl. The size of the muffin bowl you use will determine how full you fill it.

Put the tray in the freezer and let it freeze for a few hours until it is firm. After freezing, remove from muffin bowl and serve, or transfer to an airtight container and store in the freezer.

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