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Scientist: How has the pandemic modified your job?

Over the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the value of science to the whole world – not just to track the spread of a deadly virus and find ways to stop it, but also to provide a rational method of understanding a terrifying one To provide unknowns.

For some scientists, the pandemic has been linked with silver linings that offer unexpected research opportunities that they would otherwise not have had. For others, it has made their job more difficult than ever. Laboratories, like many offices, have closed and the ongoing experiments have been ruined. Young academics who were already having difficulties obtaining scholarships and tenure-track positions had to postpone their plans. Some, including those who have difficulty caring for their children or parents, have given up their plans completely.

Are you a scientist whose work has been positively or negatively influenced by the pandemic? Did you have to shut down your lab or scrap exciting data? Or did you come across something that you otherwise wouldn’t have?

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