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Oct 14

Sexually transmitted diseases are surging in South Florida. An epidemic of syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia (the most common STDs) has been particularly rampant here in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL. This surge is alarming health care professionals and officials because it’s putting millions of Floridians at risk for serious medical complications. But worry not, there is a solution.

If you’re a South Florida resident, getting regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)  is important. At Instant Medical Care, we want you to know the risks of failing to get routine tests for STDs and proactively address any issues before they become problems.

If you're currently experiencing the ill effects of an STD and are interested in avoiding it in the future, see your local doctor immediately. But if you're just looking for some peace of mind (all sexually active persons should be), we've got you covered. Check out our full list of positive STD tests at Instant Medical Care Urgent Care Walk In Clinic on the 17th Street.

In the past five years, there have been 15,000 cases of syphilis, 28,000 cases of gonorrhea, and nearly 400,000 cases of chlamydia reported to the Florida Department of Health. That sounds like a lot but when you take into account that they don’t include everyone who got these conditions. Many go undetected or are not reported at all for fear of being judged. The recent STD epidemic can be traced to Florida’s tourism boom and the opioid epidemic. Visitors who contract an STD in Florida have been known to spread it across the country when they leave.

When things don’t feel quite right down there, it can be difficult to alleviate the fears that something might be wrong. In many cases, STDs are the cause of such discomforts. Such infections might take weeks to manifest as a certain symptom, so it’s crucial to seek STD testing as soon as possible. At Instant Medical Care Urgent Care you can be tested for STDs within minutes by one of our medical professionals. To make your consultation even easier – a lot of our tests are available on-site and you do not need an appointment. So, whether you’re under the weather or simply want to get peace of mind, come

At Instant Medical Care, we want you to feel free to get tested without judgment. We are time efficient and cost effective. Come see us right from work or on the weekend when it’s convenient for you. Our testing facilities are discreet and our staff is warm and welcoming. Expect 100% full confidentiality and privacy 

We follow all CDC STD Treatment Guidelines as well


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It’s our mission to make it as easy and discreet as possible for you to be tested. We offer the convenience of walk-in clinic hours so testing can be done anytime that works best for you. Take care of your health and prevent any unpleasant situations with your health