Strolling – it is free, nevertheless it does wonders for physique and mind health

Walking is the drug every doctor should recommend – it’s free, but works wonders for body and brain health. Walking burns fat deposits, speeds up metabolism, protects mental health and your back.

Dr. Shane O’Mara, Professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College Dublin, is a psychologist and neuroscientist studying brain functions, including stress, memory, depression and brain responses to social, cultural and political problems.

Dr. O’Mara believes that walking is a drug that every doctor should recommend to the patient. The professor himself enjoys long walks and reminds his followers on social networks to often take long walks.

O’Mara advises that if we sit for long periods of time during the day we should take a break, and that break should actually move and walk.

“The body is not made for a sedentary lifestyle – constant sitting is torture for the body” – says O’Mara. “When you start walking, your body will be infinitely grateful.”

Thanks to walking, you eliminate the unfavorable changes in the muscles, the accumulation of fat deposits and regulate your blood pressure, but also speed up your metabolism.

We previously wrote an article referring to a study that said that our metabolism slows not because we get older, but because we can no longer move as we age.

In the next video, Dr. O’Mara why he thinks walking is a superpower we don’t own.

“As we walk, the state of our brain begins to change dramatically, we become cognitively mobile and the brain is activated. As you walk, the electrical rhythms of the brain neurons begin to activate and accelerate. We start to breathe differently and the brain and body are ready for action, ”he told Metropolitan.

“To our own disadvantage, we are neglecting the benefits we can get from walking – health, mood, the ability to think consciously. “Many people today live in completely unnatural surroundings because they spend most of the day in front of small screens.”

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