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Suggestions for overcoming psychological and bodily adversity

Adventure racer Jason Magness affirms that certain wilderness survival skills apply to everyone. You may not face extreme exercise or life-threatening conditions, but these tips will still help you out when you need to overcome difficulties.

Tips for overcoming mental and physical adversity

1. Lean in discomfort

“Once you become comfortable with discomfort, open up your options,” says Magness. “Often we react too early and rob us of the opportunity to grow and adapt.” Instead of stopping and reacting too quickly, give yourself a block of time – like 24 hours – to process whether or not you are really reaching your limit You can hold out. The period itself is arbitrary. It just acts as a structured mechanism that allows your mind and body to process circumstances and determine your limits.

2. Celebrate small successes

“You have to see how you win,” says Magness. When he does group adventure races, he and his team set tiny goals so that they achieve a steady stream of successes. When you get out when things get tough, establish a neurological pattern. However, if you want to tweak small control points by default, a daunting project, situation, or event seems doable. It becomes a driving mental force that makes you unstoppable. With each new accomplishment, you have the expectation that you will find a way to end the entire company.

3. Write your own epic

In every hero story, people overcome overwhelming odds. See obstacles as part of your character development. “When I survive something, I make it bigger than the life in my head. These are the moments that you want to impress on your soul. It gives you the option to choose your own narrative. “You can walk over a mountain or around a mountain, but whatever the result, you keep moving forward. “

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