The Best eight Methods To Burn 100 Energy In Below 30 Minutes

The number one excuse the majority of people give when they miss a workout is how little time they have to exercise during the day. Just because you haven’t had the time to hit the gym doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do “mini-workouts” versions. By the way, you’re actually as long as you keep moving and burning some calories than sitting on the couch all day.

How To Burn 100 Calories In Less Than 30 Minutes

While going to the gym or jogging sporadically is always better, we have 8 alternatives that can help you burn 100 calories in less than 30 minutes. It is important to note that these tips only apply to people who are of normal weight and who are not obese.

1. Try bowling – it burns 100 calories in less than 30 minutes

Instead of going to the movies and spending a few dollars without doing any physical activity, spend the night at the nearest bowling alley you can find. Bowling is always fun, competitive and has shown itself Burn 100 calories in 26 minutes. There is also the possibility that music can be heard there. So why not dance a little while you show up on the next round to burn extra calories?

2. Take the dog for a walk

Research has shown that people who own dogs are in better physical shape than most people who don’t own pets, and it seems that the main reason for this is because dogs have to walk on a daily basis. Dogs are actually great motivators when it comes to getting up and going out, and it doesn’t take much to shed a good amount of calories. Walking fairly quickly can help you Burn 100 calories in about 17 minutes.

3. Take up swimming

Swimming allows you to do cardio much better than other traditional fitness methods. It’s also very safe for your joints as it is very low in shock while improving muscle size and strength, endurance and balance. In addition, it helps you burn calories very quickly. Just It takes 15 minutes of regular swimming to burn 100 calories. If you go for more fancy techniques like the breaststroke, you’ll want to deplete 100 calories in nine minutes.

4. Jump rope burns 100 calories in about 7 minutes

When it comes to exercise intensity, skipping the rope can be compared to intense swimming sessions or running at 6 miles per hour. Most cardio workouts, however, require you to do them outdoors, while the jump rope can be used in the comfort of your home. All you need is some free space as well Just 7 minutes to burn 100 calories.

5. Rake the leaves

People experience gardening as a fun little hobby and in many cases they may not even realize that it gives them the benefits of a little exercise. However, all the crouching, raking, lifting, and pulling around your yard can build up the calories you burned. You can Burn 100 calories after raking and discharging the leaves for 20 minutes or pull weeds for 19 minutes.

6. Dance

Dancing is another great way to get some cardio workout and have fun doing it. It doesn’t have to be a dance with fancy techniques, all you need is a ballroom, disco or even a square dance. 15 minutes of dance of each type will help you burn 100 calories. Still don’t want to learn dance in a class? No problem, you can dance at home and play your favorite playlist in the background.

7. Wash your car

Cleaning items in your house can help you use some calories off. However, some cleaning tasks place higher demands on your body. Washing the car or the windows in the house will help Burn 100 calories in 17 minutes.

8. Take the stairs

Using the stairs instead of taking the elevator or using an escalator makes one of the easiest daily decisions you make when it comes to burning calories. And it’s the kind of workout that you can do almost anywhere. 14 minutes on a stair step will help you burn 100 caloriesBut using the stairs in your apartment, house, or office works just as well.

Simple tips, right? And they’re great for those of you who often lack the time to get a “proper workout.” So you can incorporate them into your day anytime you feel motivated to exercise a little.

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