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The right way to be a greater man in each side of life

You know the exercise: move more, eat your greens and go easy on the alcohol. For 2021, we wanted to give you a better blueprint on how to become a plump man that it counts – ultimately it doesn’t matter how many pushups you can do.

Here’s how to develop stronger mental strength, be a more engaged citizen and partner, and stop breaking your lid with simple steps to overcoming conflict. In short, this is your guide to calming down this year (and beyond).

Expert tips to become a better man in every facet of life

1. How to overcome mental and physical difficulties when you want to give up

Adventure racer Jason Magness affirms that certain wilderness survival skills apply to everyone. You may not face extreme physical stress or life-threatening conditions, but these tips will still help.

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2. How to manage your large (socially distant) escape

The best places to visit in 2021 are secluded spots across America. Thanks to COVID-19, we’ve seen the great American road trip return. Here we show where to go to get away from it all.

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3. How to argue better and deal with conflicts – without losing your cool

Perhaps you had a few conversations in the past year that you regret. Perhaps your friend, neighbor, or family member has gone apocalyptic and you have adjusted the intensity. Rosalie Puiman, leadership trainer and author of the Mindful Guide to Conflict Resolution, says this doesn’t have to be the case.

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4. How to break the therapy barrier

Don’t want to talk about yourself? Would you like to learn from listening and observing others? Are you currently missing the feeling of community support? Group therapy may be the most accessible form of talk therapy for you, says Rachel Kazez, therapist and founder of All Along, a consulting firm that connects people with therapists. Without the personal pressure, it’s like having a beer with your friends, only some people talk about their feelings.

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5. How to build intimacy in your relationship and be a better partner

If after months of working, eating, breathing, and desperation with your partner you’re feeling more like roommates than lovers, you may need to focus on your intimacy, says Dana McNeil, licensed marriage and family therapist and founder of The Relationship Place. These tips will help you improve your sexual and emotional intimacy.

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6. How to get smarter and be a more informed citizen

With each passing year, your habits, beliefs, hell and even your vocabulary seem to stagnate. But with a little effort, you can keep your mind malleable, get smarter, and be a more informed citizen. Check out these strategies and apps.

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7. How you can work more efficiently with your time and energy

People tend to dawdle gained time. It takes a lot of work to be efficient with your time and energy. “The biggest mistake is not having a plan,” says Craig Jarrow, founder of Time Management Ninja. Think of this as yours.

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