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Unwanted side effects of breast discount [Pros & Cons]

Breast reduction is also referred to as a reduction breast plastic and is a procedure that removes excess fat from the breasts. Do you have big breasts? Don't worry, because you can undergo breast reduction to get a breast size that is proportional to your body shape and structure. Breast reduction not only relieves discomfort, it also improves your self-image and your ability to participate in physical activities. Consultation with a certified plastic surgeon [1] who can recommend the right type of breast reduction is always best when you are considering reducing your breast size. You should also understand the cost of breast reduction, including the possible side effects.

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Who needs a breast reduction?

Breast reduction is advisable for women who, due to the large breasts, have to solve the problems listed below:

Nerve pain

Skin irritation or rash under the breasts for a long time

Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain that require medication

Bad self-image through large breasts

Difficulty finding clothes that fit your body. [2]

Breast reduction is not a good choice if you:

certain diseases such as heart problems or diabetes
Smoking practice
You must stay away from scars from breast reduction on your breasts

You should also postpone the operation if you have plans for the future, such as: B. Weight loss and childbirth.

Advantages of breast reduction:

When it comes to breast reduction, a professional surgeon will perform a surgical procedure to minimize and lift the breast. Let us see what to expect after breast reduction.

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Positive results: Because professional surgeons perform this procedure, people can expect great results.

Secured and loaded: Breast reduction is a safe and effective procedure that ensures maximum protection. Therefore, individuals choose the most qualified surgeon to make the surgery easier.

Ultimate comfort: Aches and pains are what most women experience with large and heavy breasts. Successful breast reduction would obviously relieve people of neck, back and shoulder pain. You will also comfortably wear tight-fitting clothing.

Improved self-image and self-confidence: Successful breast reduction eliminates almost all feelings of self-embarrassment and awareness and makes women feel better. As a result, they turn out to be more confident when making contacts.

Get more proportioned breasts: Having huge breasts is really problematic if you have a petite body. However, women can enjoy well-proportioned and ideally large breasts with a breast reduction. [3]

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Risks and complications associated with breast reduction:

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Pain: Patients may experience pain after surgery. The procedure should therefore be performed under anesthesia.

Health problems: Infections and painful complications are some health problems caused by breast reduction. Sometimes, if the surgeon does not perform the operation correctly, it can have a serious impact on patient life.

Affect breastfeeding: Breastfeeding mothers should avoid breast reduction because surgery will make their nipples numb, making them difficult to breastfeed.

scar: Breast reduction surgery offers scars that remain visible for years

Impairment of daily activities: After completing the operation, the patients limit themselves to everyday activities such as bathing. Patients must adhere to these restrictions for about three weeks. [4]

Recovery from breast reduction:

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After spending a short period of surgery, you can go home in a surgical bra the same day. After a few days of your procedure, you may experience significant pain and your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help you feel good during this first phase. Follow the breast reduction tips by carefully placing ice cubes on the bandages to relieve discomfort. The recovery time depends on the scope of the operation performed and your natural healing rate. While you can walk on the same day of surgery, you need help getting dressed as you wouldn't have a full range of motion in your chest and shoulders at first. Your cosmetic surgeon would probably recommend that you wait at least 3 to 4 weeks with exercises other than walking as this will ensure that your cuts heal properly [5].

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