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Vegetarian tacos with black beans

Vegetarian tacos with black beans, served in crispy corn husks and filled with classic taco toppings, are so good that you won't miss the meat.

Vegetarian tacos with black beans

Based on your feedback and my desire to create more herbal recipes for vegetarians and those trying to reduce their meat consumption (try Meatless Monday!), You will love these crispy black bean tacos. Have a fiesta with coriander-lime rice and guacamole on the side! And if you prefer beef, these slow cooker beef tacos are a favorite in my house!

vegetarian tacos with black beans in crispy bowls

Taco Tuesday is always a popular night in my house. And since these tacos are vegetarian, they are also perfect for meatless assembly. But really, who are we kidding? Tacos are an excellent idea every night! These vegetarian black bean tacos are a simple weekday dinner. Using canned beans instead of dried beans saves a lot of time. Beans are also a great, inexpensive pantry. These delicious vegetarian tacos are enriched with Mexican spices and topped with all my favorite fixins. They are so hearty, satisfying, and delicious.

What is a good site to serve with tacos?

These crispy tacos are full of protein, fiber and vegetables, making them a filling meal in themselves. However, if you're looking for a side dish, try one of the following:


Swap crunchy corn taco shells for flour tortillas or corn tortillas. Top tacos with salsa or my no-cook salsa instead of fresh tomatoes. If you don't have black beans, replace them with canned pinto beans. Use Monterey Jack or Cotija cheese instead of cheddar. Add jalapenos to the black bean blend, or top your taco with raw jalapenos to get these spicy black bean tacos. Serve the black bean mix and taco toppings on tostada shells instead of taco shells.

flavored black beans in a panvegetarian tacos

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Vegetarian tacos with black beans

Preparation time: fifteen min

Cooking time: 10th min

Total time: 25th min

Vegetarian tacos with black beans, served in crispy corn husks and filled with classic taco toppings, are so good that you won't miss the meat.

For the beans:

1 tablespoon olive oil½ small yellow onion, diced1 clove of garlic, chopped1 15 ounce can black beans, drained and rinsed½ teaspoon cumin¼ teaspoon smoked peppers1/8 teaspoon Cayenne pepper½ teaspoon kosher saltFreshly ground black pepper, taste1 tablespoon Tomato paste1 tablespoon water

For the tacos:

8th hard corn taco shells, I like Old El Paso Stand & # 39; n Stuff4th Ounces Hate avocado, from 1 smallJuice from 1/2 small limeprize kosher saltFreshly ground black pepper, taste½ Cup grated cheddar cheese1 Plum tomato, diced1 Cup shredded romaine lettuce

Assemble tacos:

Place taco shells on a flat surface. Cover each bowl with 1/8 of the bean mixture, then the cheese, the crushed avocado, the tomatoes and the salad. Serve immediately.

Portion: 2ndTacos, Calories: 367kcal, Carbohydrates: 42G, Protein: 13G, Fat: 15.4G, Saturated fatty acids: 5G, Cholesterol: 10thmg, Sodium: 669mg, Dietary fiber: 12thG, Sugar: 2ndG

Blue smart points: 9

Green smart points: 11

Purple Smart Points: 9

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