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Why You Should Buy A Blender?

Mar 25

Why You Should Buy A Blender?

If you are thinking of eventually purchasing a blender, food processor, immersion blender, or other similar appliance, then at first glance, you might think that they do the specific same thing. All of them have blades that chop, blitz, and mix good food, right? Well, yes, but they all do it somewhat differently.

You Love Smoothie Then Go Buy a Blender

If your morning doesn't feel complete without a smoothie, then clear off room on your counter and purchase that blender ASAP. What a blender does best is wrapped up creamy, cool, healthy smoothies. The blades of a blender aren't super sharp, but since they're angled in the bottom of the deep, narrow jar, a vortex is created that moisturizes and breaks down citrus veggies and fruit. In case you are confused which one to buy you can check the 10 Best Blender Under 100$ over here. Since the blender pitcher is heavy, you won't have to worry about it overflowing with your own smoothie (or frozen margaritas, because it's great at churning those out, too).

1 important thing to note is that blenders fall into two classes: regular and high-powered. Both would be the right choice for smoothies -- it simply comes down to how smooth you need them. If you do not mind a couple of raspberry seeds, then a standard blender is going to do just fine. If you'd like items to be utterly silky-smooth (like that of the regional smoothie shop), splurge on the high-powered. The motor of a high profile blender has a longer lifetime, so if you're mixing each and every day, it might be well worth the investment in the long term.

You Love The Purée Soups Then Go Purchase an Immersion Blender

For a long time, I dropped into this class. I was not struck by the allure of smoothies only yet and actually the one thing I wished to blend were soups. My hand-me-down immersion blender worked wonders and tucked away easily in a kitchen drawer. Beside how an immersion blender does not take up much space, the actual benefit is it results in less mess when blending soups. Sure, you might attempt to pour the piping-hot soup into your blender, or you may just leave that soup into its own pot, stick with the immersion blender in, and purée away.

You'd Love the Occasional Pesto Then Go Buy a Food Processor

If pops and purées aren't a priority, do not invest in a blender or perhaps an immersion blender. Rather, simply opt for a food processor. The shallow bowl of the food processor means you can not blend anything up too liquidy, as it will overflow.