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Jul 18

The Secret to Happiness: Karma Yoga - What is karma yoga? In the West, we would call it charity or volunteer work. It is about selfless action that does not expect any payoff in return. But what is karma yoga, and what can you hope for if so much time goes by without seeing a good result?

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma yoga means karma or the law of action and yoga. The union of karma and yoga is a spiritual discipline that involves selfless service to others, with no thought of reward or recognition.

The word karma comes from the Sanskrit word "Karman," which can be translated as anything is done, any intentional act. Yoga refers to spiritual practices that lead to liberation from ignorance, such as meditation and contemplation. The method of karma yoga leads to an understanding about how our thoughts affect reality and helps us become more compassionate people in general." If you want to be happier, karma yoga is a powerful path. You can use the law of karma and karma yoga to guide your thoughts about others - for better or worse!

In this blog post, we will explore what karma yoga is all about through various examples.

An Example for Karma Yoga:-

One of the examples of karma yoga is service. You could think of it as a more compassionate form of volunteerism, where you are helping others without expecting any reward or praise for your actions. And this act can make you happier!

For example: "Service to humanity has a value which cannot be estimated," said Mahatma Gandhi. "A thousand times, I must give up pleasures that may come my way."

An Example of when karma Yoga goes Wrong:-

One example from the Bhagavad Gita (a Hindu scripture) talks about one generous person with his wealth but greedy at heart, whose karma turned against him. He gave away money generously but did not feel good inside because he wanted everything for himself too.

How can One practice Karma Yoga?

  • One way to practice karma yoga might be by volunteering for a cause that helps those less fortunate than you.
  • You could also offer time and energy with no expectation of pay, or even pick up litter from the street as an act of karma yoga."

When you perform Karma Yoga, it has several benefits for your physical and mental health, even if no one notices what you are doing. For example: "Service to humanity has a value which cannot be estimated," said Mahatma Gandhi.

 Different principles in karma yoga:-

  1. The Right Means-  One of the most important attitudes to keep in mind while performing karma is ahimsa or non-violence. This idea extends down to what we eat: "Violence has been done unto the earth," said Gandhi, and so he would not consume any animal products at all."
  2. The motive - The motive behind a volunteered action is crucial to karma yoga. If you are doing it for the right reasons, then "it will purify your heart and make you more contented."
  3. Never worry about Results- When you are doing dutifully performing karma, do not focus on the results of your actions. "You should never worry about success and fame; you must concentrate only on what is right," said Gandhi.
  4. Never lose hope- When we are doing karma yoga, we need to keep in mind that it will take time for our efforts to bear fruit, so "never let you down so fast to stop doing  karma."
  5. Have a Discipline:- - It is essential to "have a discipline in karma yoga so you can overcome yourself." This means that we should not go back on our word when we have promised something.
  6. Just do it- The most crucial thing about karma yogi is just doing the right thing at any given moment without worrying about what will happen next. We must remember that karma works in the background and can be seen when your karma account balances out. Karma yogi believes that if we do a good thing now, it will happen later on down the road. This idea of karma has been around for centuries, but this ancient philosophy still rings true today


Karma yoga is a type of karma mukti, which means liberation through karma. It's not about becoming perfect in the ways of karma yogi but rather freeing ourselves from karma by doing it well. The beauty and difficulty of karma yogi are that it's selfless- you must do things without expecting anything back for your action or deed."



Purpose of Karma Yoga:-


Ultimately Karma yoga is a way to live life well and connect with all the karma we have accumulated. It is a connection between our past, present, and future karma so that things can continue to happen for us without cursing ourselves or others

An explanation of what Karma Yoga entails might not be too helpful if you're unfamiliar with the term itself. So instead, I tried my best to explain why people practice this type of karma mukti. Karma Yoga is practiced by people who want to clear karma, not create new karma. It is a way of life-based on karma and the law of cause and effect- what comes around goes around."

"The beauty and difficulty of Karma Yoga are that it's selfless: you must do things without expecting anything back for your action or deed. When we are in a state of karma yoga, everything from the clothes we wear to our thoughts becomes an offering to God. Every good thing done harms no one because there was never any expectation involved."


It has been said by many spiritual teachers that karma yogi but rather freeing ourselves from karma by doing it well. The beauty and difficulty of Karma Yoga is that it's selfless--you must do things without expecting anything