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You had mild covid. Then her serious symptoms came on.

Dr. Allison P. Navis, a neuroinfective disease specialist at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City who was not involved in the study, said about 75 percent of her 200 patients had problems like “depression, anxiety,” or irritability after Covid some mood symptoms. “

The study participants were predominantly white and 70 percent were women. Dr. Navis and others said the lack of diversity most likely reflected the demographics of people who were able to seek help relatively early in the pandemic, rather than the full range of people affected by neurological symptoms after Covid.

“Especially in New York City, most of the patients who have Covid are black people and Medicaid patients, and these are absolutely not the patients you see at the Post-Covid Center,” said Dr. Navis. “The majority of patients are white, often they have private insurance, and I think we need to figure out a little more about what’s going on with these differences – if it’s just a lack of access or if it’s symptoms in people to be rejected by color or if it is something else. “

In the Northwestern study, Dr. Koralnik that only half of the participants tested positive for the coronavirus as all coronavirus tests were difficult to obtain at the start of the pandemic but all had the initial physical symptoms of Covid-19. The study found little difference between those who tested positive and those who hadn’t. Dr. Koralnik said those who tested negative tended to contact the clinic about a month later in the course of the disease than those who tested positive, possibly because they had spent a few weeks being checked out or trying theirs Seeking other doctors to treat problems.

Ms. Khan was among the participants who had a negative test for the virus, but she said she later tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, evidence that she was infected.

Another study participant, Eddie Palacios, 50, a commercial real estate agent who lives in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, tested positive for the coronavirus in the fall with only a headache and loss of taste and smell. But “a month later, things changed,” he said.

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